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Mommy Son Dates

Now that I am expecting a new baby I am trying to spend extra time with my little ones at home. You hear constantly about jealousy of a new baby. Sibling rivalry exists in every age group, even adults, but with toddlers and infants it can be a little difficult. So when I began planning all of the things I would need to do before the new baby arrived I made sure to put a list together of things to do with my daughter age 4. My husband and I sat down and compiled a list of ideas of dates with our daughter that each of us would complete. Every week on a designated night one of us (we alternate) spends one-on-one time with her so that she doesn’t feel she is being left behind with the arrival of a new baby. While we created a list for our daughter I also thought of things I could do with my son, when he arrives and is a little older. This way each child has a one-on-one night with mommy and daddy.

Here is a list of the ideas I plan to try with my son when he is older.

10 Mommy and Son Date ideas:

  1. Lego building contest. Each of us has to try to outbuild the other. Print a couple of lego ideas from sites like this, and try to create your own
  2. Trip to get Ice-Cream and visit a fire-station or police station.
  3. Trip to a big-league game.
  4. Escape to a toy store and try to compile a list of toys that start with every letter in the alphabet, if he gets all 26 letters let him pick his favorite and bring it home.
  5. Go to play laser tag.
  6. See a play at your local theater.
  7. Favorite dinner out and a movie.
  8. Trip to a zoo.
  9. Playing catch at the park.
  10. Go Bowling!

No matter what you plan with your little man, or little lady, just remember it is the time with them one-on-one that really makes the difference in the long run. They may not remember what you do together ten years from now, but they will remember that you took the time to be with them.

Mommy Needs Time Too!

IMG_0833.JPGEvery day we work hard for our family. Whether we work full-time, part-time, or full-time with no breaks as stay-at-home moms we are always going, working, thinking, caring, and helping everyone but ourselves. Which is usually ok with us, it’s what moms do, we were built for it. But after a while it can wear you down. You find yourself more tired than usual, getting sick easier, you find you just don’t have the patience for things you normally do. It’s called mommy burnout. We all suffer from it from time to time. It can be very hard to overcome, especially since the only way to remedy it is to take time for ourselves and recharge. I don’t know about you guys but I have an especially hard time taking time for me. I always feel like the re is something else I should be doing. Someone who needs me, something that needs to be done. I also frequently will leave things that I want or need off our list of things we need to do in favor of doing or getting something for someone else like my kids, my hubby, my parents, even the dogs! But after a particularly bad burnout period this last year I decided it was time to take care of myself. So I have devoted time every day to just me and I spend my time sweating and taking care of myself. Workout!

I hate the gym, I hate feeling as if I am on display, I can never find a way to get there everyday, and I hate the smell. I have always enjoyed being active but usually from the comfort of my own home or out in the great outdoors. Recently I have taken up doing circuit workouts, running, and cardio dance workouts. I alternate them during the week, sometimes gauging how much time I have for my workout that day due to other priorities, but I always do at least one workout a day 5 days a week. The kids are at school, or playing in the other room, sometimes they actually do the workout with me. My kids especially love the circuit workout because they can help lift small weights, but they love to dance too.

I found some incredibly easy to follow and fun Denise Austin workouts on YouTube for free. They make it easy for me to do my workout during the day when I can and it doesn’t cost me an expensive gym membership, gas, or child care. The BeFit Channel on YouTube is full of fun easy workouts that are relatively short and can be done at home. Which is great for busy moms that need to take the time to take care of themselves.

I do these workouts so that I am stronger, fitter, and healthier, it is my one hour or 30 minutes of me time. My quiet time to shut off my brain, recharge, and think of only me. It keeps me healthy in mind, body, and spirit. I can give up my daily struggles and my schedule for a short time and focus on nothing but me. I listen carefully and follow instructions while breathing and finding some quiet place within. It feels great. Now I have the patience and energy to chase around my busy brood day in and day out. I have even found that I have more energy and strength to chase my kids, participate in their outdoor activities, I can carry more things in when I bring in the groceries, I am not winded climbing the stairs everyday, and yes I even feel better about myself. I feel stronger, more confident, and more comfortable in my own skin. As a woman that always struggled with self-confidence issues it makes me feel good that I can feel good in my own skin. Since I am a role-model for all of my kids I am glad they are seeing me take the time to take care of myself. They don’t see me complaining about my appearance, or refusing to eat something because it will go to my hips. They see me working hard, hitting goals, and trying. I am not only taking time for myself I am showing them how to do things for themselves, take care of huge selves, be strong, confident, and not give up. It is important to remember that they watch everything we do, so if they see us wearing ourselves that thin they will think it is normal and do it as well. So think about finding a way to take some time for yourself, everyday, you need it, you deserve it.

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