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Avengers: End Game Party

Our family loves Marvel Comics. We have seen all of the Marvel movies and are waiting impatiently for the final Avengers movie. So if you are like us you may just be planning something fun this weekend.

We are planning a marathon of the previous Avengers movies on Friday night through Saturday at home, then on Sunday morning we plan to take our kids to see the final movie. We have our favorites, Spider-man and Iron Man are the two main reasons our kids love Marvel. So we plan to have a little treat to make the night more fun.

We plan to copy this incredibly cool Spider-man inspired pizza for dinner. Then we plan to have some amazing Avenger Cupcakes for dessert.

Thanks to some incredible cupcake topper we can choose our favorites, of course the kids chose Iron Man.

We plan to enjoy some incredibly delicious popcorn and just relax all weekend soaking up the superhero themed fun with our kids. Do you plan on seeing Avengers: End Game? Do you take your kids? Are you hitting up the midnight showing?

Fanta Floats: Halloween Treats

Part of Halloween is enjoying the little things, decorations, fall weather, time together, a good scare, and a sweet treat. This sweet treat is perfect for a family night. You can lay back and enjoy a fun or spooky flick and enjoy a sweet Fanta Float Halloween treat. We found this sweet idea at Belle of the Kitchen. Ashlyn knows how to make a fun and yummy sweet treat. Head on over to  Belle of the Kitchen for the full recipe. Fanta float We paid it with some fun popcorn mixed with candy corn while we enjoyed a fantastic family flick, Hocus Pocus. In our family we have movies that make us feel that the season is actually here and we are ready to enjoy it, and for Halloween that movie is Hocus Pocus. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out. Its a great family film that isn’t too scary for the little kids, and is still fun enough for the older kids. Its a family favorite for us and we cannot imagine Halloween without it. It reminds my husband and I of our childhood, and every year it is so much fun to share it with our kids. Now I know how my parents felt sharing A Charlie Brown Christmas with us. Enjoy your traditions folks, and may they last forever!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The fantastic beasts movie

JK Rowling is back, and she is better than ever. If your son is a fan of Harry Potter, or loves worlds made up of magic and excitement, then you are not going to want to miss out on this amazing movie.

Fantastic beasts

The new series of magic in JK Rowling’s magical world follows Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) on his magical journey around the world in 1926 to document every magical creature he can find.  When he arrives in New York he bumps in to a non-Maj (american for muggle). His case full of magical creatures is misplaced, and many escape. Now he must find a way, with a little help from some new magical and non-maj friends to get them back. The adventure they are all in for will cross worlds, and bring about a whole new generation to the wonder of magic.

Fantastic beasts cover

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is now open in theaters everywhere. And is also available in hardback cover bookstores near you. This fabulous new magic series is sure to wow families for many years to come.