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Best Books: Spaced Out (Moon Base Alpha)

Does your young reader love a good suspenseful story? Does your young reader love space? They will not want to miss Spaced out (Moon Base Alpha) by Stuart Gibbs then.

Spaced Out

Spaced Out (Moon Base Alpha) is the story of the first community based on the moon. They live their entire lives within this small community. Everyone knows everyone. SO not much can go wrong — right? That is until the Moon Base Commander goes missing. Moon Base Commander Nina Stack has disappeared — completely off the face of the moon. There aren’t many places to hide, and yet no one knows where she is. Enter Dash Gibson. Dash is a 12-year-old boy that loves a good mystery, and nothing is more mysterious than this case.

Follow Dash as he discovers things about the Moon Base and his fellow settlers that he did not expect. What can readers expect? Aliens, friends, mystery, and a possible sequel.

Stuart Gibbs has created an incredible world in this and his other Moon Base Alpha books. Be sure to check him and his series out if your young readers fall in love with this story.

Best Boy Books: The Mysterious Benedict Society Book one

This month we want to share a fun and adventurous book called The Mysterious Benedict Society: Book OneBest Boy Books - The mysterious Benedict Society

Reynie Muldoon is an orphan, but his life is about to be filled with a crazy new adventure that gives him a brand new family. When Reynie reads an advertisement asking for, “gifted children looking for special opportunities,” he knew it was written just for him. Reynie applies to the advertisement along with three other kids; Kate, Constance, and Sticky. Together they complete a series of incredibly challenging, and incredible tasks and soon are accepted in to the Mysterious Benedict Society.

Mr. Benedict is the head of the society and after he and his assistants finish training Reynie and his new friends they begin adventures that will take them places they never thought possible. They are going to help Mr. Benedict do something crazy, something sinister, something that may be illegal. Their special talents and investigative skills will be put to the test to discover Mr. Curtain, a Mr. Benedict’s nemesis, secrets and they will have to find a way to defeat him.

Your boys will not just be readers of this great adventure, they will help solve it. As they read along they will help the society members put together Mr. Curtain’s plan and discover his motives.this book is fun, educational, and mysterious. It is the perfect book for buys boys looking for a grand adventure.

Hurry to your local library or book store to check it out, or check out Amazon now. We know your boys will love it.