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art & eden: Caring about the World and Making a Difference

The world is changing every day. The last couple of years have shown a great shift in environmental and ethical practices. As Bob Dylan said, “The Times they are a changin!”

What do parents and kids want for this world? They want a safer world, a healthier world, and a better world. How can we all help to do that? Support organizations and companies that use more environmentally safer products and care about their employees.

The Boy’s Store is trying to make a difference by offering more organic and US made brands. One of our favorite environmentally aware and ethical companies is Art & Eden. If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen some of our new items from Art & Eden. We are very excited to bring you more items soon. We love their use of certified organic cotton, fair wages to employees, environmentally friendly packaging, practices, and dyes. They also support artists with their chosen designs and images.

You can check out some of the incredible items available from Art & Eden now.

Boys’ David T-Shirt by art & eden: This fun blue and white design is reminiscent of a wave crashing over and over. The waves, just like our boys, go on and on and on!

Boys’ Logan Shirt by art & eden: Does your little man growl like a tiger? This multi-colored Tiger print is truly the king of the jungle, and now your little man can be too!

art & eden graphic tee


Magic Show Las Vegas!

In February we made our annual trip to Las Vegas to check out the incredible brands at Magic! We met new Brands, Designers, and saw lots of great new styles. If you are a follower on our Instagram account you might have seen some of our photos. If you aren’t a follower, you should be! We love to post little tidbits of our daily activity, including sharing pictures of our new items. While at Magic we shared some fun snapshots of the world of Magic!

Magic Show Las Vegas - Badge

We saw some amazing new looks from some of our favorite brands at Magic. We saw great new looks from Appaman, Mulberribush, and Wes and Willy. And we are very excited to bring some of the new looks later this season. We also got to meet a new brand Rowen Christian Couture! This fun brand was created to show the world that our boys matter too, and they deserve fun clothes as much as our girls do. Created after twin brothers Rowen and Christian, the brand features fun and tough looks for spectacular boys. We got to meet them and they are definitely two of the cutest brand reps we have seen!

Magic Show Las Vegas - Rowan & Christian

This season we are also excited to bring Troy James Boys Accessory Collection to The Boy’s Store! This fun brand features incredible accessories for boys 0-6 years, and we are very excited to bring you some of their fun items this year. So look forward to some great scarves, bow ties, belts, and suspenders soon!

Magic Show Las Vegas - Troy James

We had a great time at Magic and cannot wait to bring you some great new items at The Boy’s Store!

Brand Feature: Good Boy Friday

Boy's outfit by Good Boy Friday

This month we want to introduce you to the new brand we are featuring at The Boy’s Store, Good Boy Friday. Good Boy Friday is a fun new brand that will keep your boys outfitted and happy all year long.

Good Boy Friday was created by Kellee Bachour. Kellee is a “mamaprenuer” that began her work in this business in a big company dealing with fashion and sales. Like most of the mamaprenuers out there, she left work to begin her family. But are a few years at home she began to get the work-itch. So she took a few classes at Parsons in Fashion in NYC and began to prepare for her re-entry into the fashion world. When her son Gideon started school she found herself very interested in little boys fashion, “I’m obsessed with dressing him and couldn’t find what I was looking for or it wasn’t comfortable to wear or the fit was wrong. It started with a sketch, then a pattern, a prototype and it just kept going.” It didn’t take long for a brand to begin to form, and a name-sake to be created. “I was reading style.com and there was a story titled Guy Friday, I thought it was clever and it stuck with me. I thought, what about Boy Friday? – a day for boys, a day to celebrate the gift of little boys. I wanted it to be more personal so I added ‘good’ since my Good Boy is: Gideon Bachour.” So a brand was was created, and this fall GB will be monogrammed on the back pocket of all the pants, a small gift from mother to son.

Kellee knew from experience that boys clothing needed to be changed. With a boy of her own she knew first-hand that comfort was important. So when it came to creating outfits for Good Boy Friday she focused on clothing that was tailored and stylish but was as comfortable to wear as sweatpants and knit tees. Boys love to move, they are busy and constantly in motion so function was very important. “I created an exterior adjustment that looks great and functions well, reduces bulk around busy toddler waists and is easy for boys to pull up and down during potty training years.” Kellee also realized that boys are bold and that most clothing companies focus on the same dark and limited colors. So when it came to color she went bold, lots of color, and lots of options.

Inspiration comes from many different places for this great brand. Kellee draws inspiration from vintage clothes, children’s books, European clothes, and the colors of California. She also listens to her fellow Moms when it comes to design and function. She loves feedback from her fellow Moms.

Good Boy Friday may be young, one year old and holding strong, this special brand is looking to stick around for the long haul. Samples for the Fall 2013 line are almost finished and the Spring 2013 line is ready to hit stores soon. Kellee is also excited about a new Etsy store that will offer what she is calling Good Boy Friday Remnants. The Etsy store will offer handmade things made from remnants of Good Boy Friday fabric, trim, patches, and sample material.

It looks like 2013 is shaping up to be a great year for Good Boy Friday. So check out all their great new looks at The Boy’s Store and at their Etsy store. Don’t forget to look them up on Facebook and see what else they have planned this year!