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City Threads: Boys Raglan Shirts

There are certain styles that never go out of style. Boys raglan shirts are that classic tee style that everyone loves, especially in the fall and winter. They go well with jeans,. corduroys, cargo pants, athletic pants, and even pajamas. City threads understand the love for raglan tees, and they have brought two fun variations for the classic look to their fall and winter line. Guess what store just happens to have some in stock? You guessed it, The Boy’s Store.

Raglan shirts are so classically imprinted in style thanks to sports like baseball, football, and rugby. So it isn’t surprising that so many boys enjoy the style so much. This year your boys can find some incredibly stylish looks featuring their favorite raglan style at The Boy’s Store.

Our newest boys raglan shirts

Boy’s Raglan Striped Shirt by City Threads: This black and charcoal striped shirt is perfect for the fall. It screams comfort, but it also can double as a Halloween themed shirt with its dark stripes reminiscent of skeletons and ghouls.

Boys raglan shirts - striped

Boy’s Colorblock Raglan Shirt by City Threads: This red and grey colorblocked shirt is a great example of the classic raglan shirt. Its fun, its casual, its simple. Perfect for cold fall and winter days when you want to look good, but really just want to be comfortable.

Boys raglan shirts - gray and red

Boy’s Tees: Refresh their Wardrobe with Prefresh

It is SPRING! That might mean that your boys need some new items. Boys grow so much that it can sometimes be impossible to save outfits from last year. We don’t know about you but our boys grow so fast we have to update their wardrobe every season. Why do they have to grow so fast!?

Right now you can check out some incredible looks in the tee department. Prefresh has some fun new tees to refresh your little man’s spring and summer wardrobe. These tees are fun, comfortable, and perfect for those spring and summer days.

I like the Nightlife Shirt by Prefresh: I like the nightlife, I like to party! After all our boys do seem like they are at a nonstop party. They are full of life, energy, and attitude. Now they can have the shirt to match! This white short-sleeved shirt features a black block print font with the words, “I like the Nightlife.”

Prefresh Night Life Tee

Boys’ Liberate Shirt by Prefresh: Liberate your Awesome! Who wants to bottle up their awesome? Not us, and not your boys. Refresh urges your little men to let that awesome out. Share with he world how incredibly cool, energetic, happy, and awesome you are. And the world will shout it right back at you!

Liberate your awesomeness Prefresh boy's tees

Boys Yeti Ringer Shirt by Prefresh: Who doesn’t love a Yeti? This fun ringer tee features a hip yet outsider-like Yeti on the front. The unkempt yet self-confident little guy will help your boy with his inner confidence. Who needs to worry when you are this cool?

Prefresh Yeti boy's tees