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Back-to-School Hacks!

School is in full swing now so as parents we need all the help we can get. That’s why we scoured the mommy blog circuit to find you some of the best tips, tricks, and hacks for the back-to-school season. With some help from other moms, dads, and teachers, you can find the perfect way to get your kids back in the swing of things for the new school year with the least resistance.

Clothing choice hack:

Every day it is the same battle. What should I wear. We wish this wasn’t an issue, but it is, with every child, every gender, and every age. It really isn’t always about what to wear but about how to slow down the morning. Answer: pick it out ahead of time and organize it in the incredible chest of drawers. Thanks to this idea by mommy organizer Kortney Brady @KortneyBrady  this lifesaving tip could help maintain parent sanity in those rushed mornings.

Back-to-School Hacks


Lunch snacks choice:

Once again it’s all about power. The kids want the power, we aren’t really sure who has the power anymore. But with this hack we can still keep the power but give them the power of options. All within our pre-conceived choices of course. Thanks to mommy blogger I Heart Organizing for her easy tutorial.

Back-to-School Hacks


Homework organization: 

Do you have homework, nope. We hear it everyday. Where is your homework? Not sure. Same old same old. But not this year. With an organized homework station and calendar you can help your kids to keep track of all of their work. You can even check it afterwards! Success! Thank you mommy blogger Centsational Girl.

Back-to-School Hacks

Check out these incredible mommy bloggers ideas on their websites now. They can help you make going back-to-school a simple and straight-forward process this fall!

Holiday Clean Up: Sorting Out the Old for the New

Holiday Clean Up: Sorting Out the Old for the New


We survived!! With the New Year looming ahead it is time to clean up and clean out! In our house we try to organize all of the new items from the holidays in to the closets, drawers, toy bins, and the like before the New Year. But that means sorting through all the old things. We like to start the New Year with everything organized and out of the way, a new start is easier to do when everything is set right.

Where To Start:

We get trash bags, plastic storage bins, and get the kids to help.

One trash bag for items to be thrown out

One trash bag for items to be donated

A storage bin for things that need to be stored and put away in the attic

What We Do

We like to keep things that the younger kids, or the nieces and nephews, can have handed down to them. So we start going through the older kids things first. Anything that is too stained, ripped, damaged, or broken gets tossed in the trash bag.
Items that can be cleaned and reused gets put in to the storage bin so the next set of kids can use it. Mostly things that can be reused like blocks, dolls, toys that the older ones have outgrown but the young ones haven’t, coats, pants, some shirts that are not worn out, items we love and want to see used again like favorite outfits, and toys.
If it is still in good shape but the kids were not fond of it, or the young ones are too big or old for it, we toss it in to the donation bag. We want someone to get use out of it, even if our kids no longer can.
Go through all the kids, and maybe the adults, things and find what can go in each bag then trash the junk and donate the giveaway stuff, and hideaway the storage bin. Now you can start the new year fresh!