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Winter Wonderland: Snow Forts

The weather has been a little wacky out here on the west coast. For the first time in a LONG time we have rain, and in some places, snow! That means kids of all ages are out enjoying the wonderful white stuff and all the crazy outdoor activities it offers up. All of you midwesterners and east coasters may be thinking we are a little over excited, but when it happens as often as it does it is certainly something to celebrate.

We have enjoyed some fun and outrageous snowman building, snowball fights, and snow angel making. But the one we have yet to try, since it requires more snow than we currently have, is a snow fort. Our goal is to head further north to a higher elevation so the kids can experience some true snow. When we do that we are very excited to try to build a snow fort. We have even looked up some interesting ideas. This one is a bit over ambitious for us. But the foundation is solid, and it brings to mind that we want to use some form of a mold or uniform building block style to make the fort sound. That is why we went looking at snow molds. We even found one that we are ordering for our big trip.

Snow forts

This little kit will help us to create a good solid foundation that will eventually turn in to a snow fort we can be proud of. It is a little pricey for an item we will probably only use once a year, but it is for a fun once in a lifetime experience we want our kids to have with us so we have justified the price. We are very excited to use it and play for hours in the snow (or at least until the youngest starts to complain!) We hope that no matter where you are you are enjoying a little piece of a winter wonderland as well!

Outdoor Summer Fun: Squirt Gun Painting

Squirt Gun Painting Fun

If you are anything like me you have become quickly disillusioned by summer break. The sounds of children complaining they are bored has become too much. It is time to send them back outside to do something else. Anything else, as long as they are outside!

This fun artistic endeavor will not only keep them busy, hopefully wear them out, it will also be one of the more exciting things they get to do outside. Squirt Gun Painting. Now don’t worry we are sure you can make sure to buy water soluble paint in case the painters get a little over zealous, but we do suggest wearing clothes you don’t care much about when you let them do this.

Fireflies and Mudpies writer and creator Melissa is the one to credit for this gem of a summer project. A writer, photographer, and educator, she knows how to get artistic and make it fun. And this is certainly fun. Art is such an important part of the world, and the world of education. It can also be incredibly fun. Especially when you do it with squirt guns and boys who have been cooped up in the house.


We suggest heading over to Fireflies and Mudpies and learning all about how this fun project was created and the great tips on how to make it safe, fun, and easier to clean up. We just know it will be a hit!

37 Outdoor Summer Activities

We know Summer isn’t here yet, but its never too early to start planning. After all, the sooner you get things on your to-do list the less likely it is that you will hear those dreaded summer-time words. I’M BORED!! This list has 37 incredibly fun ideas37 outdoor summer activities for keeping your boys busy in the backyard all summer long. These projects can be done with the kids, or for the kids. You can even get started planning and creating now in order for the more extravagant ideas to be ready for summer. We love the idea of planting and planning some of these now, especially the garden teepee. Check them all out for some incredible fun this summer. We love the garden teepee, the zipline, and the rope course. Anything that keeps our boys outside and active is a favorite for us!

What is your favorite outdoor summer activity? Have you tried any of these incredible ideas? Did they work? Do they need improving?

We want to see some of your attempts at these fun and outrageous backyard activities for summer. Share photos here and on our Facebook all summer long! Give tips to other parents trying to create these ideas. Did you find something that worked better? Did it turn out how you wanted? Did your kids enjoy it? We want to know!  And please use the tag #37OutdoorsummeractivitesTBS so that we can all enjoy your ideas.