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Outdoor Boredom Buster!

It happened already!! I heard the dreaded words that all parents fear during school breaks — I’m bored!! I almost broke, I’m not kidding you. I had to take a few minutes to control myself, then I got out my idea list that I so thoughtfully made before summer. Then I sent them outside to test this one out.

I sent them outside with a bucket full of water, some large sponges, and sidewalk chalk. I helped them to draw some targets, and a few shapes to stand in while they throw. I told them that whoever scored the most points would get to choose dessert tonight. They have been playing for nearly 30 minutes — and the only scream I have heard have been screams of joy and laughter. I am very excited that this one worked out, and that it got them outside having some crazy fun for a little while.

They did tire of it after about 40 minutes, but then they were still so amped up about being outside that they went and played on their swingset for another hour. Which gave me some nice quiet time without the screaming and squabbling. So this one is definitely a keeper! What activities have you tried this summer?

Thank you to Pinterest for this fun idea!

Outdoor Activities: Water Balloon Basketball

Let’s play some water balloon basketball

Summer is quickly coming to an end, but we aren’t done having a ball! Outdoor fun is still quite the hot topic. So we want to help you find one more fun summer game to little away those last hot summer days of fun. This fun water themed ball game will keep your boys cool, comfortable, and crazy for the last of their summer break.

Water balloon basketball

Allison at Learn Play Imagine has an incredibly fun yet simple game that will wow your boys. Water Balloon Basketball. This wet and wild game will knock their socks off. Just head on over to Learn Play Imagine to get the rules of the game. While you are there check out some of Allison’s other awesome game and activity ideas! You won’t be disappointed!

Don’t forget the sunblock for this fun game! You want to stay safe when you are out enjoying your fun in the sun! Check out The Boy’s Store for some great accessories and swimsuits if you need something new!


Hula Hoop Tent: Outdoor fun!

Are you and your kids looking for some fun outdoor activities this spring? This one is so easy it will make you laugh. All you need is a dollar store hula hoop, some rope, Safety pins, and a couple of old sheets.

Forts and tents have been kids go-to summer and spring fun for decades. It is simple and easy fun but it can make the world so much more exciting. Let them just sit in it to get away from the heat while still enjoying playing outdoors, let them get creative and make it their castle, their pirate ship, their fortress. All they need is imagination, and kids are designed with that in mind.

This fun and easy activity can be completed in a morning, afternoon, or weekend. It is totally simple.


What You Will Need:



Old sheets (we used twins you can use anything you have)

Hula hoop (we used a medium one but the bigger the hoop the bigger the tent)

Safety pins



What You Will Do:

Pinch some of the fabric of the sheet and wrap it around the hoop, use the rope to carefully tie it in place. Repeat this every few inches gathering the sheet around the hula hoop.

If you use more than one sheet do this same thing with the next sheet but make sure that you make the sheets meet together flush so the tent stays closed on one side.

You can use safety pins to keep the two sheets together if you used more than one sheet.

Leave the front open for a door.

Now use rope to tie the hoop to the tree branches. Secure it to at least three branches for support.


Enjoy your new hula hoop tent!