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Hula Hoop Tent: Outdoor fun!

Are you and your kids looking for some fun outdoor activities this spring? This one is so easy it will make you laugh. All you need is a dollar store hula hoop, some rope, Safety pins, and a couple of old sheets.

Forts and tents have been kids go-to summer and spring fun for decades. It is simple and easy fun but it can make the world so much more exciting. Let them just sit in it to get away from the heat while still enjoying playing outdoors, let them get creative and make it their castle, their pirate ship, their fortress. All they need is imagination, and kids are designed with that in mind.

This fun and easy activity can be completed in a morning, afternoon, or weekend. It is totally simple.


What You Will Need:



Old sheets (we used twins you can use anything you have)

Hula hoop (we used a medium one but the bigger the hoop the bigger the tent)

Safety pins



What You Will Do:

Pinch some of the fabric of the sheet and wrap it around the hoop, use the rope to carefully tie it in place. Repeat this every few inches gathering the sheet around the hula hoop.

If you use more than one sheet do this same thing with the next sheet but make sure that you make the sheets meet together flush so the tent stays closed on one side.

You can use safety pins to keep the two sheets together if you used more than one sheet.

Leave the front open for a door.

Now use rope to tie the hoop to the tree branches. Secure it to at least three branches for support.


Enjoy your new hula hoop tent!

DIY Backyard Games: Lawn Twister!

lawn twister

Twister is one of those fabulous games that kids of all ages love to play. It is wild, crazy, fun, and gets very interesting and more exciting the longer you play. But have you ever noticed it can be a little bit too wild of a game for the indoors? Have you ever thought of taking it outside? This might just be your chance. Backyard twister could be the next big thing for backyard parties.

Twister has always been a fun and well-loved game around the world. Kids and parents both love the game, so highly not find a way to make it the center of your next party? Sure you could just take your twister game outside, but if you live in a windy area like we do that isn’t quite as feasible. That’s why we love Show and Tell’s new twist on an old favorite, Lawn Twister! Show and Tell is a great blog written by 3 friends, Brooke, Monty, and Stacey. These three women want to share their recipes, crafts, activities, and ideas with the world and they are doing just that while figuring out how to juggle being a wife, motherhood, work, and the rest of all that fun stuff! So make sure you check out their awesome site and peruse their posts. You will definitely find something you can relate to! As for us, we want to Twister!

What You Will Need:

Four spray paint colors red, yellow, green, blue
Circle template (cardboard box with a circle cutout works great!)

Now head on over to Show and Tell for a great tutorial including easy-to-follow step-by-step photos. Then get ready to Twister!

Build Your Own Bottle Rocket!

bottle rocket

Since the Curiosity rover landed this month on Mars we have been spending quite a bit of time introducing you to Mars. But let’s go back a few steps. Before Curiosity could land on Mars it had to have launched into space. How do we launch things into space? With rockets, and what little boy would not want to recreate that launch with his very own rocket launch?

Well we have found a way for every little boy, with a little help from mom or dad, to recreate that launch by building his very own bottle rocket. Because this craft involves the use of PVC pipe and a handsaw to cut it you may want to help your little rocket scientist get everything ready. Once it is built kids can play with it on their own, with rules not to launch at someone or near buildings, cars or windows. The bottle rocket is air powered and can launch up to 50 feet, pretty impressive for a rocket built out of PVC and using a bottle as power. Thank you Family Fun for the great craft idea!

What You Will Need:

Plastic report covers (found in office-supply stores)
Electrical tape
4-foot length of 1/2-inch interior-diameter PVC pipe,* cut into:
3 (12-inch) lengths
1 (10-inch) length
1 (2-inch) length
4- by 1-1/2-inch piece of craft foam
1/2-inch interior diameter PVC pipe fittings, slip style:
2 caps
1 cross
1 45-degree elbow
Plastic wrap
2-liter plastic soda bottle

What You Will Do:

1.To create each rocket you will need to cut one 9- by 5-inch piece and two 2- by 4-inch pieces from the plastic report covers. Use electrical tape to secure it so that it overhangs the longer edge of the large rectangle. Roll this rectangle around a length of PVC pipe and secure it. Slide the tube off the pipe.

2. Now you need to flatten one end of the tube and round the tip with a pair of scissors and seal this end with tape.

3. Next take the two smaller cover pieces and cut them in half diagonally to use as four triangular fins. Now tape both sides of the fins to the tube. Next tape the piece of craft foam loosely over the tip of the rocket.
bottle rocket detail

4. To make the launcher place a cap on one end of two of the 12-inch pieces, then you can seal the other ends of these pieces with a double layer of plastic wrap. This makes them airtight. Next insert the wrapped ends into the cross, fitting directly across from each other.

5. Slide the third 12-inch piece and the 2-inch piece into the cross. Add the elbow fitting and the 10-inch piece to the end of the 2-inch length. Slide the mouth of the bottle onto the end of the uncapped 12-inch piece and secure it in place with tape.
6. Finally you can enjoy your rocket! To launch it stomp on the bottle, then you can blow into the bottle to re-inflate it and launch again.