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School Lunch: Bringing Back the Lunch!

It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year! Or at least it is when you’re a parent that has been stuck at home all summer with your kids. Just kidding. I love my kids. But I am definitely ready for them to be back in school full-time. I like my routine, and while summer is fun, I ignore so many tasks because of the lack of routine.

I also love to make sure my kids are eating enough, eating well, but I am not going broke. When they are home they eat three times what they eat during the school year. I like having them eat a packed lunch that is prepared with love, care, and has all the nutrition they need for their school day. So I try to find lots of different ideas and pin them to my school lunch board. I get bored with the same foods over and over — so I know my kids must have the same problem — so I try to keep changing it up for them.

School lunch

This month I found a new site, Belly Full. They had some incredible packed lunch ideas to put in my weekly lunch rotation. They range from the extravagant (make your own sushi), to the very simple (PB&J). You really will love the incredible ideas available. They even have some make-a-head freezer meals. I will definitely be using some ideas this week. I know build-your-own pizza will be a hit! Enjoy!

The New Boxed Lunch Trend: Bento


Bento boxes have made quite a splash in the world of home-made lunches this past year. Parents all over the world are stealing a few ideas from the Japanese and implementing their Bento lunches in schools and offices worldwide. The trend is making lunch not only healthier but more fun for kids.

You may wonder what is a Bento lunch? Well it originated in Japan as a single-portion home-packed meal that traditionally contained rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables. All of this was packed in a box-shaped container, usually made of wood. Over the years however Bento lunches have evolved from the more traditional Japanese Bento into a new form of eating lunch altogether. Parents are packing it for their kids, spouses are packing it, college students are packing it. It pops up everywhere. It is incredibly handy because it allows for a wide variety of the nutritional food groups that we require at one sitting. It is even a way to ensure that we are eating proper portions. So of course it is no wonder that parents of school age children are taking advantage of the Bento lunch and making it a nutritional and fun part of their children’s day. Continue reading