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Outdoor Summer Fun: Squirt Gun Painting

Squirt Gun Painting Fun

If you are anything like me you have become quickly disillusioned by summer break. The sounds of children complaining they are bored has become too much. It is time to send them back outside to do something else. Anything else, as long as they are outside!

This fun artistic endeavor will not only keep them busy, hopefully wear them out, it will also be one of the more exciting things they get to do outside. Squirt Gun Painting. Now don’t worry we are sure you can make sure to buy water soluble paint in case the painters get a little over zealous, but we do suggest wearing clothes you don’t care much about when you let them do this.

Fireflies and Mudpies writer and creator Melissa is the one to credit for this gem of a summer project. A writer, photographer, and educator, she knows how to get artistic and make it fun. And this is certainly fun. Art is such an important part of the world, and the world of education. It can also be incredibly fun. Especially when you do it with squirt guns and boys who have been cooped up in the house.


We suggest heading over to Fireflies and Mudpies and learning all about how this fun project was created and the great tips on how to make it safe, fun, and easier to clean up. We just know it will be a hit!

Painting with Kids: Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug is one of our favorite brands here at The Boy’s Store. We proudly stock several of their games, puzzles, and toys and we love to share incredible ideas from their blog whenever we have the chance. Melissa and Doug strive to educated, entertain, and sustain children and their minds and bodies. Here at The Boy’s Store we also seek to prepare our children for a better future through their minds and bodies. We know that style, imagination, creativity, and education are vital to the process of crating great minds. That is why we try every month to bring you fun, creative, and educational activities that you can complete with your children. Sometimes they are scripted, planned, and coming with perfect tutorials that we either create or share from the great minds of other bloggers. This month we want to share an idea from Melissa and Doug about painting.

Painting is one of the ultimate creative enterprises. Painting can be planned, but it can also be free, creative, imagined, and everyone can participate. Melissa and Doug shared an excellent blog about painting that you can read here. We want you to check out this incredible blog and plan some time with your kids that will help to cultivate their own creativity. Try something new. Paint with an easel and some paper. Paint a wall. Paint a sidewalk. Paint on some fabric. No matter where you paint let your child experiment and learn from the experience. There are so many different options when it comes to paint.

Painting with Kids

Things to try:

  • Spray paint
  • chalk paint
  • finger paint
  • watercolors
  • oil paints


  • paint brushes
  • feathers
  • sponges
  • stamps
  • food (cut apples, celery, potatoes, etc.)
  • leaves
  • rocks


  • paper
  • fabric
  • cement
  • wall board
  • wood
  • plastic

St Patrick’s Day: Little Ones Leprechaun Fun!

It’s the luck of the Irish! St. Patrick’s Day is on its way! Do you have a little one at home that wants to get in to the holiday spirit? Are you teaching or working with little kids? Then you will love this fun new craft we found. As the mom of young kids I know how much fun it is to get down and dirty with the craft paint and just let them go nuts. Finger painting is fun but it is always nice to give them a little utensil to use. It is good for controlled motor activity and creativity. So if you have a little one at home and are looking for a change from the usual finger painting scene you might want to listen up!

If you love to craft we want you to meet Michele. She is a craft-a-holic and she loves to share her wisdom. She even has an entire website dedicated to pure craftiness. Craftymorning.com is a fun website and blog that will introduce you to your crafty side, or will make you such a prosperous crafter that people will begin calling you Martha Stewart. Michele has a fun craft for St Patrick’s Day that will knock your socks off! Fork painting. It is fun easy to do, and easy to get a toddler to do! WIN! This month why not try her Leprechaun with a Fork Beard Craft.


St Patrick's day leprechaun funWhat You Will Need:

Orange paint
Brown and pink crayon
Green, yellow, and black paper
Googly eyes
Black marker

Now hurry on over for the full tutorial at craftymorning.com you will find so many fun ideas that you might never come back. If you can try to leave a bread crumb trail, we will send a search party for you!