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First Day of School Photo Ideas

Are your kids starting school this month? Why not commemorate the day with a fun back-to-school photo? Many parents are getting super crafty with all of the first-day of school photos. You may or may not be a super crafty parent. But we are going to give you some incredible tips that will help you to get that super-crafty first-day of school photo without a lot of work.

Check out theses fun and simple ideas:

First-Day of school photo

You can even try chalkboards for a quick and interchangeable look every year:


First day of school 2017

Family Photos: Tips for Making Them Easier!

Family photos can be fun to do, but if you have a toddler or young kids they can be a little daunting. You want to remember the moment in time forever. But it can be difficult to get through a traditional sitting with a photographer when your kids are young or unpredictable. So what is the best advice we can give you? Embrace the unpredictable. Embrace the way your family is right now.

Dad and child family photos 861a1d7440c16eb72b406e37cfd472c7 4f7e7bae5deb3dcda3d1f032e5a7c0dfDo you have a toddler? Do they throw tantrums? Cry? Scream? Kids fighting? Let them. Laugh at it. and snap that moment in time. Photos that are candid are much more fun, exciting, and real! In twenty years you will smile and laugh and remember everything fondly so why not just show it as it was? What will make you smile and laugh more twenty years form now? The fact that you had a screaming three year old or that everyone has a blank and step ford appearance?

Embrace the chaos of the day. If your kids are acting wild and want to run and play then choose an outdoor setting or let them play and dance and have fun. The photo will reflect their bright and fun personalities much more if you capture them being them instead of sitting still with their hands crossed.

Wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move, sit, and be happy in. I have seen very few kids happy to be in a four piece suit or itchy tights through anything let alone an hour or two of photos. Think clothes that they will enjoy wearing and be comfortable in for an extended period of time.

Just remember photos are a memory, and why remember something fake when you can remember something fun and real?

Policing Your Kids’ Photos Online

Kids Photos online

The Internet is a wonderful place. It can help people find things they have lost, buy things they need, get in touch with people far away, but it can also be a scary place. It can be a place that brings scams, cheats, lies, and predators. As parents we try very hard to keep these things away from our children but we may not realize that we might be bringing the scary things closer with some of the things we do online.

Recently across the web parents have been alerting one another to the harm of posting photos from digital cameras and camera phones. Many phones and cameras today have online access, and with that online access comes a feature called location services. This feature allows you to access local info for finding restaurants, doctor offices, parks, movie theaters, etc. it also lets you post where you are on social media devices like Facebook, Yelp, and Foursquare. However, it also catalogues where your phone or camera takes a picture, logs the address, and pinpoints it on a map, complete with directions. For those of us parents that love to take photos of our kids this could spell big trouble. Especially if we post those photos to social media spots like Facebook, Instagram, or places like them. Now anyone with a computer has access to the location in which our photo was taken.

This is giving people complete access to the locations where our children were photographed, and if you label the photo “Andy at School,” or “Michelle playing in the kitchen at home,” then people now know the address to those locations. This is making perfect target locations for pedophiles searching locally on the web.

Many parents are fighting back by disabling the location services application for their photos. Eliminating the ability to catalogue the location the photo was taken, to find out how to do this click here. But there are parents that choose not to post photos of their children on the web except in places where they can control who can view with a password given only via invitation. Places like Shutterfly, Dropshots, and Flickr offer password protected websites for photo sharing. Parents create the website and family and friends are invited to view the photos but must create a username and then will be given a password or private link.

Which is the best answer for your family?