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New Jammies: Cold Weather Pajamas

Colder weather is on its way. Here not he west coast we are already experiencing colder nights. The nights have been cold enough I even had to break out the cold weather pajamas. But, we have grown too much over the summer and we need some new ones. So of course I knew where to go. The Boy’s Store. Yes we carry pajamas. We aren’t just everyday clothes you know. We love to stock all sorts of stylish and fun things for boys, that includes pajamas and underwear and socks.

New Jammies is a fantastic brand that specializes in fun and comfortable pajamas for boys. They have incredibly fun and unique styles that will wow your boys and send them off to dreamland in style.

Boys Snuggly Pajamas by New Jammies: These monster truck jammies will speed your boys in to dreamland with the power to make them the first to fall asleep. these monster truck jammies  are made of the softest jersey knit fabric making them easy to wear and easy to wash.

Boys Snuggly Pajamas by New Jammies: kids can’t sleep? Don’t BUG OUT! These bug jammies will soothe them to sleep with their soft jersey knit fabric. they will be soft and warm like a bug in a rug.

Boys Snuggly Ranching Cowboys Pajamas by New Jammies: Home, home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play, where seldom is heard, a discouraging word, and the kids sleep all through the night! Or at least they will with the softest and rowdiest jammies in town. This western themed jammies will lull even the roughest cowboy right in to sleepy town.

Summer Pajamas: New Jammies

Summer brings hot weather, and hot weather means a new wardrobe. The nights are already getting too hot. Here in the desert we are already beginning to crank the Air Conditioning every night to keep from sweltering. So summer pajamas are definitely a necessary item this month.

Summer pajamas can be fun. Seasonal prints for summer are the perfect way to not only cool down but relax and enjoy the new season. New Jammies has some adorable summer friendly prints with fun and boy-friendly beach themes. So head on over to The Boy’s Store site for some cool and summery looks from New Jammies.

New Jammies Boys’ Treasure Map Short Pajama Set: These adorable pjs feature a fun treasure map print that will have your little pirate playing int heir dreams all night long.


New Jammies Boys’ Nautical Nights Short Pajama Set: your little sailor will be casting anchor in his room as he preps for bed on the hot summer nights this season. These nautical pjs are perfect for the little captain to relax and snore the night away in.


New Jammies Boys Lobsters Short Pajama Set: lobsters are little red-faced sweethearts, just like your little man. They re so cute and you just want to pinch them, but watch out, they pinch back. These pinchably cute pjs are perfect for summer nights.


New Jammies Boys Whales Short Pajama Set: we speak whale, yyyyyyooooouuuuulllllll llllllooooovvvvveeeee tttttthhhhheeeesssseeee ppppjjjjjjjsssss.. Your boys will have a whale of a time in these adorable little summer pjs.


Christmas Presents: Pajamas!

In our house it is a tradition to give a new book and a pair of pajamas as a present on Christmas Eve. Every year the kids get new Pjs they can wear to bed on Christmas, and a new book that we all read together before bed, accompanied with hot chocolate and cookies! This fun tradition started when we were little and has been carried on with our own kids. It is a great way to get together as a family the night before Christmas and spend some quality time together, the new pjs also make everyone look nice, clean, and put together for when we take photos for our memory books.

This year The Boy’s Store has some great pjs that will not only look great in photos but will be a huge hit with your boys. From holiday themed pjs to superhero pjs your boys will be very excited to put on their new pjs.

Beary Merry Christmas Footie Pajamas by New Jammies: these adorable white Footie pajamas feature “beary merry” bears dressed as several different Christmas themed outfits including Santa, reindeer, and angels. This adorable one piece pj set will keep your boys warm and comfy this holiday season!

Christmas Presents: Pajamas

Moose Pj Set by New Jammies: Moose pjs are incredible cool, and this two piece set is way cool. It features a red long sleeved top with a green moose on the front, and pants that feature red, green, and white stripes. These hot Jammies will knock over your boys!

Christmas Presents: Pajamas

Superhero Lighting Pajama Set by New Jammies: superheroes are all the rage right now, and these pjs do not disappoint! The red long sleeved top and bottoms feature yellow lightning bolts of power. Your boys will be so powerful they may just fly all over the neighborhood protecting the whole street!

Christmas Presents: Pajamas

Solar System Pj Set by New Jammies: some pjs are just out of this world, and these are definitely that! These aqua blue pjs feature different parts of the solar system and universe. Planets, stars, suns, and constellations adorn this Jammies from top to bottom. Your little one will feel like he is a big part of the universe as he heads off to dream land. Christmas Presents: Pajamas