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Bring Spring Inside: Soda Bottle Eco-System

Spring is such a beautiful time of year. The flowers bloom, the sun shines, the birds sing, and everything is new again. Therefore, Spring is a great time to plant new¬†life, and building a new eco system is the perfect way to do that. Plants don’t only have to grow outside, you can bring spring into the house and share the beauty of spring indoors all day long. This soda bottle eco-system is one way to bring the outdoors in.

This incredibly fun eco system from Layers of Learning was created by Moms, teachers, and sisters Karen and Michelle. They have cultivated a fun and simple eco system that sustains not only plant life but wildlife as well. Each eco-system can sustain a goldfish. So now your kids can cultivate beautiful flowers while caring for a small goldfish friend.

Soda bottle eco-system

The Soda Bottle Eco-System is fun to build and simple to care for. Simply go to Layers of Learning and follow their simple tutorial. Then you and your boys can enjoy the sweet joy of watching spring thrive indoors and out!

Mother’s Day Crafts!!

We love our moms. They clean up our dirty bottoms, clean our cuts, kiss away booboos, and tuck us in at night. The role of mom is a busy one, can be long and tiring, but it is also very rewarding. That’s why we love Mother’s Day. It is one of the days when our kids and spouses come out and show us what we mean to them, and that is important. So why not show mom how much we love her this Mother’s Day with some fabulous flower crafts.

Paper Flower pot: this is an excellent craft for younger children. All you need is some glue, some construction paper, scissors, a marker, and an adult!

Trace your hand on a sheet of green construction paper. Then cut out your handprint.
Now draw a flowerpot on a piece of construction paper (your color choice). Then cut it out.
Now draw 5 little flowers on your construction paper (your color choice, what is moms favorite color?) then cut them out.
Glue the handprint fingers up onto the back of the pot, so it looks like it is growing out of the pot. Next glue your flowers onto the top of the five fingers.
Use your marker to write a special Mother’s Day note to your mom on the front of the pot. Now you have a very special flower pot bouquet for mom!

mother's day craft

Clothespin Planter: this is perfect for older kids to do for mom. You need an old tuna can (washed out with no lid), some clothes pins, some soil, and a plant.

Start with your washed out tuna can. Choose a small plant or flower to put in it. Fill the bottom of the can in soil, then carefully place your plant on top. Fill the plant in with more soil, then pat down. Leave a half inch of space between the soil and the top of the tuna can.
Now take your clothes pins and clip them around the edge of the tuna can. Do this all the way around.
Now you have a fancy little plant for mom. Water it and bring it to your mom for a spectacular gift!

Mother's day craft flower pot

Spring Time Planting Craft


Spring is just around the corner. We are counting down the days here until we can play outside full-time again. But another thing we love to do in our house is grow things. We have a little herb garden and a little vegetable garden. Even the kids love to get in on the action. This year we thought we would try a beginning of spring planting activity that would get even the youngest of the group involved.

We found a really neat site called Nurture Store. Based in the United Kingdom this great site features great posts from Cathy James. Each of these great posts are geared towards learning with kids. You can see posts about outside play, creative play, math, science, reading, and even crafting. This month we want to highlight the Nurture Store’s great springtime planting activity.

Eggheads with Cress Hair is an excellent activity that will teach you kids about plants growth and how important water, sun, fresh air, and good care helps a little plant become a big plant. Now you and your kids can become EGGcelent gardeners.

What You Will Need:

Empty egg shells
Felt pens
Stick-on wobbly eyes
Cotton wool
Cress seeds
Empty egg box

Now to get the full tutorial just head on over to the Nurture Store. You will love the fun learning activity, and so will your kiddos. At the end of the activity just wait a few days and you will have some goofy looking eggheads with a wonderfully full head of hair!