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How to Make Kinetic Sand: DIY

Kinetic Sand is a very fun and very popular alternative to play dough, clay, and other putty like toys. Kinetic sand is fun because it has a consistency similar to sand in texture and appearance, but like play dough it sticks together and can form different sculptures, shapes, etc. Kids love this, especially kids that love to play with cars, construction vehicles, etc. because they can use the sand with their toys. There is a popular commercial brand, but it can be expensive, and why buy when you can create!? This fun recipe is simple, fun, and easy to recreate at home. You and your kids can have fun creating it together.

 What You will Need:

What You Will Do:

  1. In a container combine the play sand and corn starch and mix well

2. Combine the soap and water in a separate container, and stir until the water is bubbly

3. Slowly pour the water into the sand/cornstarch and mix well. Slowly mix while adding more water as needed.  If even more water is needed add a little more and mix.  Continue to add more water until you reach your desired consistency. We used 3/4 of a cup of water, and the consistency was perfect, but if your sand is coarser or finer than you may need more or less water, so add it SLOWLY!

This incredibly easy result will allow you to play for hours! Now you can build, sculpt, and play with your toys all day.

Play Dough: Soft Homemade EASY Play Dough

It’s winter so the weather is cold, the days are short, and the kids are bored. We have had some radical weather this year. Snow, rain, and sleet in the desert! The colder and wetter weather is definitely not something we are all used to, but we need it so we try not to complain. However, it is much harder to accept when you have some rather bored and LOUD children screaming about said boredom. So The Boy’s Store is here to aid you in your moments of exhaustion and we bring you gifts of imagination, creativity, and play dough! Easy Play Dough

Play dough is a fabulous game when you are stuck indoors. It is creative and fun and can be changed in to any shape or game you want. Get the kids to compete. See who can make the best dog, cat, fish. Get them to guess what the other is creating. Build castles, cars, and dinosaurs. The possibilities are endless.

Play dough can get expensive though, especially when it dries out quickly. So make your own for a bargain. Head to the dollar store and pick up a few boxes of corn starch and some good smelling cheap hair conditioner. This combination may sounds bizarre, but it actually creates the softest and most malleable play dough ever. Pick up a little food dye and make it any color you want.

What You Will Need


Corn Starch

Food Dye

What You Will Do:

1. Combine one part hair conditioner (one cup) to two parts corn starch (two cups) add food dye for desired look.