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Sweet Treats: Coconut Fudgsicles

If you are like us, and most of the world, you might just have a dairy allergy or intolerance in your family. When little ones have an allergy it can be difficult, especially something like dairy that can be pretty common in everyday foods, especially in the summer when ice-cream is abundant! We try to keep only dairy free cold treats at home, but it can be difficult to find them in some stores, and the selection isn’t always great. That is why we love to find great recipes to try at home that give our little ones some fun cool summer treats without the fear of an allergic reaction.

This incredible recipe comes from the Creekside Cook. The Creekside Cook is none other than Donalyn, a wife, mom, and grandma that loves to cook, grow her own ingredients, and share her wealth and knowledge of good food with others. Her incredible dairy free recipe is a life saver of moms with kids who have a dairy allergy. Check out her blog for all of her incredible recipes.

Donalyn’s incredible Coconut milk fudge popsicles are going to be a go-to treat in our house all summer long. We hope it is at your home too. Check out the recipe and tutorial now at her website.

Coconut fudgsicles

What You Will Need:

  • 1 13 ounce can organic coconut milk
  • 1 cup dark baking cocoa
  • 2 tablespoons honey [or 4 tablespoons maple syrup]
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla
  • 1 pinch of kosher salt

Sweet Treats to Beat The Heat: Sour Gummy Worm Popsicles

Summer is in full swing now. The heat is here and it does not appear to be leaving us any time soon. So why not bust out those incredibly fun possible molds and get started making some sweet treats that will help this boys (and you too of course) stay cool all summer long. Homemade popsicles are no only delicious they are simple and inexpensive to make all summer long. The recipes are endless. You can pretty much create anything that sounds delicious to you and the family.

We found an amazing blog that created a fun and fruity possible that will impress those little men in your life, and they are so simple to make. Whats even better than simple? How about simple with a wow factor, sour gummy worms. I have yet to meet a kid hat does not love sour gummy worms. They are sweet, sour, and fun to eat. So why didn’t any of the rest of us think to put them in a popsicle?

Janel is a mom that knows whats going on. A mom of four boys she is constantly on the go, on her toes, and on her blog. She loves to share incredibly fun activities, crafts, recipes, and more for Moms, Dads, and kids. She has some incredibly cool family ideas, and a section devoted just to Mom. Her blog A Mom Stake is the perfect new blog to add to your reading repertoire. It has fun and fabulous ideas for everyone. So hurry over and check her out, tell her The Boy’s Store sent you.


We are so excited to try her recipe and we hope you are too.

Now just head on over to A Mom Stake and get the full recipe and instructions. Check out some of her other incredible posts while you are there. They will make you laugh and give you some great ideas.


Healthy Sweet Summer Snacks!


Summer gets pretty hot around here. We love our frozen sweet treats, but I hate to give my kids ice cream and super sweet treats. We love to make our own Popsicles and frozen treats instead, and I love to find new frozen treat ideas to try. I was very pleased to find a site with some fun ideas that I hadn’t thought to try before, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

icomfortvillage.com is a spectacular site with great ideas for giving and receiving comfort. The entire site gives incredible ideas for sharing comfort and hope with people in need. We found that they have some great ideas for staying cool, comfortable, and healthy during the summer with some sweet treats. Feel free to check out icomfortvillage.com for some great ideas, advice for when you need a little extra comfort.

Frozen treats

What You Will Need:

Popsicle molds
Fruit (mango, strawberries, peaches, berries, etc.)
Honey or maple syrup
Herbal tea or fruit juice

Check out the ideas for making these ingredients mix together perfectly for some amazing sweet treats during this long hot summer! You and your family will love the sweet treats and you won’t feel guilty indulging often!