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Best Books: Halloween

Do you have an early reader at home? One of the best series for learning to read, or improving the skills of a new reader is the Pete the Cat books. not only are they easy-to-read for new readers but they are fun and contain themes that are understandable for early readers.

This month we want to highlight the Halloween Pete the Cat. Pete the Cat: Trick or Treat is a fun book for early readers to read alone this holiday or to an older or younger sibling. Younger siblings will also love the fun flaps that surprise the reader with hidden illustrations. Readers can follow Pete as he experiences all the fun of Halloween. It even helps younger kids to understand the spooky elements of Halloween and see it as the fun and surprise that it is meant to be for small children.

This fun early reader book is great for that younger child this Halloween. If you are a fan of Pete the Cat it is a great addition to a growing collection!

Best Boy Books: Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons are pretty fantastic. Tacos are pretty fantastic. Books are pretty fantastic. Put all three together? You have a pretty fantastically amazing book. This fun book will wow your little boys with its comic wit, funny illustrations, and tasty tacos.

Have you ever wanted a dragon to follow you home from school? Have you ever wondered how to catch a dragon? Well, Dragons Love TacosDragons Love Tacos. Chicken tacos. Beef Tacos. Tacos are good. If you have a bucket full of tacos you could probably get a dragon to follow you anywhere. Just be careful with the condiments, and most importantly the spices. Tacos are great, but don’t try and give a dragon a spicy taco, or worse. Salsa! Salsa is hot. H.O.T. What happens when a dragon eats something hot? Yep, you guessed it. FIRE. You just might burn your house down.

This fun and silly book written by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri will have your little guys laughing all day long. So if your boys love to laugh, and love to read, this is the perfect book to add to your collection this month.