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Best Books: She Persisted

You may be wondering why we are highlighting two books this month. Well, the answer is simple, because they pair well together, and they are important books that all boys and girls should read.

This month we want to highlight the books written by Former First Daughter, Chelsea Clinton. She Persisted, and She Persisted Around the World, are two books about important women that have influenced our world here at home and abroad. Why is it important for boys to read books about women that have changed our world? Because one day those boys will become husbands, they will become fathers, and they will work and learn in this world alongside strong women. It is important for boys and girls to see women succeed, thrive, incite change, and be seen as equal to their male counterparts. When women thrive, men thrive. We live alongside one another, and we work together. So when one person makes the world a better place they do not make it better just for them, they make it better for everyone. The ripple it causes throughout civilization touches everyone.

The She Persisted books each highlight important women who have incited change in education, science, civil liberties, healthcare, and literature. The books show the strength and the determination it takes to continue to drive forward in a world that tells you no. This is a message every child needs to learn. Although things may seem tough, and we may struggle, we should never let that stop us from doing something we want to do. We need to keep moving forward. These books make a great gift. Try reading them together with our kids and start a discussion on the importance of trying, learning, and not giving up.

She persisted around the world She persisted

100 Children’s Books to Read Over a Lifetime

Books may only be filled with pages of words and pictures but they become part of who we are when we read them as children. They teach us how to love, how to play, how to imagine, how to feel, and how to interact. The characters become our first friends, they follow us through life. Amazon has catalogued 100 of the best and most influential children’s books to read in a lifetime. Many of them are classics every generation has become familiar with, some are brand new treasures that will soon make their own mark on the hearts and souls of children for years to come. No matter which are your favorites we are sure that they all have some special meaning to you.

Children's Books to readThe New Year is beginning today and that is the best time to create new hopes, dreams, and resolutions. This year why not make it a resolution to read more of these 100 books. Maybe there are some that you have never read, some you have only read once. Make your list. Pick the books you haven’t read and introduce them to your kids. Reading together will bring you closer together, but will also help your children learn more. As you check a new book off your list, add a new one. Together you will explore new worlds, characters, and subjects, what an incredible way to start the new year!


Halloween Books: The Spooky Wheels on the Bus

The month of ghosts, ghouls, spiderwebs, and pumpkins is upon us! Little boys and girls everywhere are excited for that night of crazy costumes, fun with friends, and spooky thrills. Why not start this month off right with a fabulous story perfect for getting your little ones, and the whole family, into the spooky spirit? The Spooky Wheels on the Bus.

The Spooky Wheels on the Bus

This adorable book written by J. Elizabeth Mills is a new and spooky take on the children’s classic, “The Wheels on the Bus.” Now you and your kids can read and sing along to this fun and freaky Halloween themed story book. It is quickly becoming a holiday classic as it brings to mind all the great things we love about the season. Not only is it a fun story but it is a great song to sing with your kids every October in preparation for Halloween.

Make this book part of your family holiday traditions this Halloween. Bring it home and sing it loud as you learn all the great new ways that the wheels on the bus go round and round this Halloween season.