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Summer Sunglasses

Summer calls for all the fun you can cram in to a three month time period. But summer isn’t all fun and games. Summer is hot, summer is bright, and you need protection. The sun is at its strongest in he summer, so we need to be sure we protect ourselves from its rays. That means sunscreen, proper sun protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses! The Boy’s Store has some great sunglasses from Real Kids Shades and Appaman. Real Kids Shades fit kids ages 2 and up, and Appaman sunglasses are perfect for older boys.

Boy’s Ballgame Sunglasses by Real Kids Shades: These fun shades are perfect for your little ballplayer, or fan. They feature a blue head-strap with baseball paraphernalia like baseballs, bats, and gloves. These shades will fit children ages 2-5 years old. Toss them in your kids backpack, the diaper bag, or keep them in the car for long days out on the run!


Boy’s Flex Glasses by Real Kids Shades: These fun shades are safe for young kids, they flex and bend to avoid being broken. Featured in three fun colors, lime green, red, and blue. Each pair comes with croaks for secure wear. Perfect for ages 3-7 years.


Boy’s Rockabilly Sunglasses by Appaman: These fun brown glasses are full of fun and style for older boys. They have a look similar to popular name brands and have a great price. Geared towards tween and young boys they are the perfect addition to any summer look.


Sun Safety: The Boy’s Store

Here at The Boy’s Store we care about our boys, that is why we make sure we carry important summer sun safety items to help keep your boys safe outside all summer long.

UVA rays are the first of the worries when it comes to sun exposure. UVA Rays cause aging of the skin, and can cause skin cancer called melanoma. UVB Rays are another danger, these rays cause sunburn, contribute to immune system issues, and also cause melanoma. Melanin is a chemical in our skin that tries to protect us from these rays. The darker your skin the more melanin you have, but this does not mean you are immune to sun exposure and shouldn’t cover up. What it does mean is you may be safer with less protection, whereas a light colored skinned person will need higher protection. You also need higher protection if you have freckles, moles, fair hair, or a family history of skin cancer.

Now everyone should cover up, especially during the strongest sun exposure part of the day, 10am to 4pm. Cover up includes:

Long clothing
Sunblock (The American Pediatrics Association suggest an SPF of 30 or higher for children 6 months and older.)


Here at The Boy’s Store we offer many different types of hats, sunglasses, and cover ups, tees, or rash guards that can help protect you child during their outdoor festivities of the summer days. We offer boys favorite brands like Knuckleheads, Wes and Willy, Flap Happy, and Appaman. Each offer a wide array of hats to protect your son during those hot summer days. Each of these brands also offer great rash guards and tees that will help keep them protected from harsh summer rays, without being uncool for keeping a’shirt on at the beach or pool. The Boy’s Store even offers a great selection of Real Kids Shades. Each pair of shades offers 100% UV protection.


So before you get your boys ready for some fun in the sun make sure you check to make sure they are protected! 20130626-123743.jpg

Summer Shades: The Boy’s Store

Their future is bright, and so is the summer sun. So why not get your boys some cool new shades this month to help them be ready for all the fun outdoor activities they plan to partake in this summer. Whether it is a ball game, the beach, or just hanging out with their friends it is just as important to protect their eyes from the sun as it is to protect their skin from the sun. So when you are yelling at them to remember their sunblock don’t forget to remind them to take their shades.

The great thing about shades is they are far cooler than sunblock. While they have the same purpose they aren’t associated with the yucky, sticky lotion that makes most kids cringe. Shades are cool, they have style, the fact that they protect your kids eyes from harmful rays is completely list on them, but as moms we know better. That is why we shop at The Boy’s Store for cool shades that also protect. We can choose from several different styles, which impresses our boys, and delights us. Check out these great looks from Real Kids Shades.

Flex Shades by Real Kids Shades: these polycarbonate glasses come in lime green, red, and Navy and Orange. They are UV400 category three lenses and offer 100% UV Protection.


Extreme Sports Shades by Real Kids Shades: these croakie shades come in red, navy, and silver. They are UV400 category three lenses and offer 100% UV Protection.


Extreme Chill Shades by Real Kids Shades: these relaxed looking shades come in red, navy, and white. They are UV400 category three lenses and offer 100% UV Protection.


All of these great shades offer the highest protection for your kids eyes, and with the Many different cool styles your kids will be able to choose their favorite. Just don’t mention how important they are or how safe they are. It may just ruin a good thing. Check all these shades out now at The Boy’s Store.