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Toilet Paper Roll Toy Car Garage Craft

Toilet paper roll toy car garage

What boy doesn’t love his toy cars. There are usually dozens, if not hundreds of them all over the house. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a special place to store them? Like a garage? Well with this incredibly cool craft you and your boys can customize a totally awesome garage for their favorite cars.

Not only is this craft fairly easy and fun to create it will also help you get rid of some trash (and recycle it!) into a usable toy. Do you have some paper towel rolls lying around? Toilet paper rolls? A shoebox? Now is your chance to use them in a more efficient way, no more clogging up the trash bin. This is not only a great way to reuse something you would otherwise trash it also is a great teachable moment. You are showing your kids that you can always reuse things in new and different ways. Recycling isn’t just boring sorting in bins.

What You Will Need:

Toilet paper rolls
Paper towel rolls (however many you need for all of your cars, you can use either TP rolls or paper towel rolls or a mix of both. Just be sure to cut the paper towel rolls to size)
Shoe box or other cardboard box with lid
Paint (to customize your garage!)

What You Will Do:

1. Take your shoe box and cut the lid in half. Tape or glue both halves on the top and bottom of either end of the box opening side out.
2. Next start organizing your rolls. Decide how many you can fit across the width of your box. Then start gluing them to the bottom of the box, side-by-side. Leave a half in to inch gap between the walls and the bottom row of rolls. This way you can stack the next row on top.
3. Stack the next row so that there are two more rolls in this row than the one before. So that each roll rests between the two on the bottom.
4. With each row make sure you are resting the rolls into the two rolls beneath them, continue until all the rows are glued in.
5. Now that all the rows are glued in let them dry then you can paint or color on your garage to customize it.

Enjoy your cool new car garage by gathering up all your favorite cars and putting them in their brand new home. Now you will always know where your cars are and you have a spectacular way to display an incredible collection!

Toy Upcycle: Milk Jug

Toy Upcycle

Here at The Boy’s Store we love a good upcycle. It is important to teach our kids how to reuse things that would normally be deemed as trash and thrown away. Our Earth is a beautiful place but if we keeps using it as a trash heap it will not stay beautiful, and it could get very sick and we could lose it. In today’s world kids are constantly being reminded that we need to recycle and protect the Earth. But they don’t always realize how to do some of this. It’s our jobs as parents to help them. When a jobs is a little too big for them it is time for us to step in and help, and saving the Earth is a big job. We can help our kids by showing the, how to handle trash, how to recycle, and how to upcycle. Upcycling is a great way to reuse old things in new ways.

This month we want to share with you a great toy upcycle. We all have those giant milk jugs at home, with kids we go through milk like crazy. So why not find a fun way to reuse them instead of just throwing them away or taking them to be recycled? All you need is a few materials, some imagination, and some fun and then you have a great new toy.check out this great tutorial on Lakeshore Learning.

What You Will Need:

2 empty plastic milk jugs or laundry detergent bottles
Super-Safe Craft Tape Center – 1″ try different colors!

What You Will Do:

1. Adults should use the scissors to cut out the bottoms of the milk jugs. then wash the bottomless jugs very well with soap and water. Then leave them out to dry.
2. Use the colorful tape to cover the rough edges where the bottoms were cut out. Tape as high as you want to create a colorful pattern on the jug. You can even use markers to customize them.
3. Now use the newspaper to make a simple ball. wad it up into the perfect size and shale and then cover it with the colorful tape! Make a simple ball out of crumpled-up newspaper. Wrap the ball in craft tape.
4. Repeat with the second jug. Now you can use your milk jug to catch the ball with a friend!

Spring Outdoor Activities: Lawn Bowling

Outdoor Activities - Lawn Bowling

It is finally spring time! That means we can send those kids back into the great outdoors and let them play without the fear of frostbite! This is a big deal in most households, moms get a little quiet, and kids get to do something a little more physical. We have some great ideas for some outdoor activities this spring and we will try to highlight a few good ones over the coming weeks. That way everyone has something to look forward to!

This week we want to highlight a fun lane game that can be played during the day or at night (with supervision since we all know kids outside at night alone is a bad idea). Lawn Bowling is an inexpensive and fun activity that kids can do alone or with friends, or even with Mom and Dad. All you need is a few materials, a backyard (frontwards work too) and a little competitive spirit.

What You Will Need:

10 empty water or soda bottles (can be 16oz or all the way up to 2 liters)
Food coloring
A ball
A walk way or some rocks or wood to act as gutters
Glow sticks (for night bowling)

What You Will Do:

1. Take your empty bottles and fill them all the way up with water.
2. Now use different colors of food coloring to dye the water. Drop a few drops in each bottle, close the lid tightly, and shake to mix.
3. Line your bottles up just like real bowling pins, four in the back, then three, then two, then one.
4. Now use your wood, rocks, or a walk way as your gutter or lane.
5. Get that ball and get ready to bowl!
6. If you are going to play at night put glow sticks in the water bottles and they will glow for the night.

Lawn bowling is not only a fun activity that will keep the kids busy for hours it is also a nice way to recycle and reuse old bottles. That makes this not only a lesson in fun but a lesson in environmentalism as well. It is wonderful to save the planet while we play in our yards!