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Christmas Themed Style: The Boy’s Store

I love to dress up for the holidays. No, I do not mean dress up in fancy clothes, I mean dress up in FUN themed clothes. My kids always have holiday-themed pajamas. They always have at least one holiday-themed shirt or sweater. It is part of the fun of the holiday season to be goofy and wear something different and special. The Boy’s Store knows that kids like to be part of the festive fun so we have stocked a few items to keep them in the holiday spirits all season long!

A few choice items:

Boys Dinosaur Santa Shirt by Mulberribush: This fun long-sleeved tee is perfect for the holiday season. Little boys that love dinosaurs and Christmas can now combine the two for a fun-filled Santa list tee. The dinosaur has his list in the pocket of the shirt and he is ready for the holiday season. Snag one now!

Christmas Themed Style #1

Boys Fightin’ Elves Shirt by Wes and Willy: This fun football and Team Santa themed long sleeve jersey tee is so much fun your boys will love to show their support for Team Santa. The Fightin’ Elves are the best team at the North Pole, and now your boys can be their biggest fan this holiday season.

Christmas Themed Style #2Boys Santa Pajamas Set by Sara’s Prints: This fun Santa Themed Pajama set is perfect for the holiday season. A traditional red and white striped bottom with an I love Santa top it is a sweet little set for the holiday season.

Christmas Themed Style #3

Christmas in July: Holiday Pajamas

We are officially half way through the year 2016. That means it is time to start thinking about the holidays. I know, its only July, but haven’t you ever heard of Christmas in July? We love the holidays. The holidays are so much fun, they are beautiful, filled with decorations, joy, compassion, and love. We want the holidays to be a fantastic time for you and your family. It can be fun and memorable to dress all of your little ones for the holiday season. It can become a family tradition that never gets old. But shopping for those adorable outfits so close to the holiday season can get pricey, and difficult, because they are so popular. One of the way to avoid all of that?

Shop out of season, Christmas in July!

Beary Merry Christmas Footie by New Jammies: These adorable footy pajamas are perfect for those sweet and snuggly nights around the fire with family. Your littlest boy will love the soft material and the sweet teddy bears. You will love that they look just a tad bit sweeter this holiday season.

Holiday Pajamas - bears

Boys Snuggly Pajamas by New Jammies: Sweet moose themed holiday pajamas. Feature a long-sleeved top and striped bottoms. They are perfect for the holiday season and beyond!

Holiday pajamas - moose

Boys Hanukkah Pajama Set by Sara’s Prints: Hanukkah has 8 great nights filled with family, love, and tradition. Why not include this adorable blue and white dreidel themed pajama set as a gift? Now your little boy will be ready for the celebrations and for bed!


Boy’s Santa Pajama Set by Sara’s Print: I love Santa. Santa is just one of the men of the hour on Christmas. Who wouldn’t want to show their appreciation for the bearded man? This sweet pajama set is perfect for just that!


Boys Zippered Holiday Striped Footed Pajamas: Another pair of snuggly footed pajamas that will keep your little ones not only warm but looking incredibly sweet and small. Keep them your little baby for one night more with these adorable pajamas!


Christmas Time: Santa’s Visit

Christmas Time: Santa's Visit

It is the time of reindeer, rosy cheeks, ho ho ho, and dancing sugar plums. We all put our little ones to bed each night knowing that all they are thinking about is that annual visit from the big guy and all the excitement that he brings with him. Do you have a little one that spends all month long dreaming and fantasizing about that famous visit? Do you have a little one that is just dying to stay up all night in hopes of seeing that famous white beard? Do you watch as year after year they fall asleep in their cozy little beds, or on the couch, or hiding somewhere close by in hopes of catching just the smallest of glimpses? Well how about this year you help them to catch a quick glimpse of Santa.

Now you can capture an image of Santa as he is hard at work in your very own living room assembling toys and organizing the gifts for your little ones. Thanks to Capture The Magic of Santa a website that offers you the chance to upload an image of your living room on Christmas Eve and place Santa in your images of your house. You can then download and print an amazing photo that will show your kids that Santa has indeed visited! You get to download and print three different images of Santa hard at work in your living room. Now your kids will be even more excited Christmas morning.

The website charges $9.95 for the instant download of three images, but it will be a memory your children will never forget. The holidays are the perfect time to bring in a little magic to your life, and this website is the perfect way to do just that. The website also offers images of the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. So now your kids can truly capture the magic of childhood in a memory that will last them a lifetime.

Christmas is only a few weeks away, so start thinking about creating a magical moment now and plan to get a picture taken of your living room on Christmas Eve. All you need to do is make a quick upload and you and your kids will have memories that will last forever. Merry Christmas!