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Summer brings lots of outdoor activities. We try to stay protected in the sun, rash guards, hats, sunblock, etc. But did you know that your eyes can be damaged by the sun as well? And that kids are more likely to forget to protect their eyes? We expect parents to care about their eyes, after all we need sunglasses for driving in the harsh sun. But we frequently forget about the fact that our kids spend just as much if not more time in the harsh sun than we do. They often times do not understand the need to protect their eyes form the sun, and lets face it, some of them stare right in to the sun.

Sunglasses protect our eyes from the harsh glare of the sun, but the right kind of sunglasses also protect us from UV light. The Boy’s Store understands the need to protect those little eyes and carry a variety of UV protective sunglasses. They may be stylish, but they also protect!

Boys’ Rockabilly Sunglasses by Appaman: These cool clear plastic sunnies aren’t just incredibly cool looking they also protect from 100% of the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Teeny Tiny Optics “Joe” Boys Sunglasses: These teeny tiny glasses are perfect for your little mans eyes. they fit even the smallest 2-4 year old. Available in Blue and Green Camo. 100% UV protection.

Boys Matthew Sunglasses by Teeny Tiny Optics: These cool shades are reminiscent of much more expensive adult brand sunglasses. at only $7 they are perfect for the stylish guy in your life. 100% UV protection and impact resistant lenses for that active lifestyle!

Summer Sunglasses

Summer calls for all the fun you can cram in to a three month time period. But summer isn’t all fun and games. Summer is hot, summer is bright, and you need protection. The sun is at its strongest in he summer, so we need to be sure we protect ourselves from its rays. That means sunscreen, proper sun protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses! The Boy’s Store has some great sunglasses from Real Kids Shades and Appaman. Real Kids Shades fit kids ages 2 and up, and Appaman sunglasses are perfect for older boys. Boy’s Ballgame Sunglasses by Real Kids Shades: These fun shades are perfect for your little ballplayer, or fan. They feature a blue head-strap with baseball paraphernalia like baseballs, bats, and gloves. These shades will fit children ages 2-5 years old. Toss them in your kids backpack, the diaper bag, or keep them in the car for long days out on the run! MFS1000a_13182 Boy’s Flex Glasses by Real Kids Shades: These fun shades are safe for young kids, they flex and bend to avoid being broken. Featured in three fun colors, lime green, red, and blue. Each pair comes with croaks for secure wear. Perfect for ages 3-7 years. MFS1006-2_35008 Boy’s Rockabilly Sunglasses by Appaman: These fun brown glasses are full of fun and style for older boys. They have a look similar to popular name brands and have a great price. Geared towards tween and young boys they are the perfect addition to any summer look. AP2045-4_60600

Appaman Sunglasses: Summer is Spectacular!

Summer is a spectacular time. The sun, the water, the time off school. It is a child’s paradise! When we adults visit paradise we need all the right gear. We’re talking swimsuits, cover ups, sunblock, and the perfect pair of shades. Well guess what, kids aren’t any different, and this summer Appaman has the coolest shades available for boys, and The Boy’s Store has them in stock and ready to go!

Here at The Boy’s Store we have a fondness for our friendly monkey themed brand Appaman. They know what boys like, they know what is comfortable, and they always know what’s cool! So we were very excited about carrying their new line of shades. This summer we are offering three different styles of shades from the Appaman line, Rockabilly Shades, Pilot Sunglasses, and Lennon Sunglasses.

Rockabilly Shades by Appaman: is your son a straight up rock star? Does he shine brighter than the sun? Does his personality seem a little brighter than most? Then he just might be t he perfect fit for these Rockabilly Shades. They are totally hip, totally cool, and whoever wears them just seems to be too cool for school. Available in Black, Brown, and Clear, one size fits most.


Pilot Sunglasses by Appaman: for decades aviators have been some of the most famous and out of this world stars. People idolize them. They reach higher than anyone, and constantly have their heads up high in the clouds. They tend to be dreamers, and love to do everything to the extreme. If this sound like your little guys personality then perhaps he would do best beating the heat this summer in these out of this world pair of Pilot Sunglasses. Available in black and brown, one size fits most.


Lennon Sunglasses by Appaman: Imagine all the people, in the coolest pair of sunglasses ever. John Lennon was the ultimate dreamer, he was peaceful, intelligent, and dreamt of a world with peace, love, and equality. He was a true leader, thinker, and an amazing writer. Is your son a little thoughtful, does he constantly surprise you with his love and compassion? Maybe he is meant to wear this fantastic shades and start a movement that just might change the world. One size fits most.