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Sun and Fun: Art & Eden

The cold winter winds are blowing fiercely here today on the west coast, and we cannot help but think of warmer days and beachy waves. Spring Break is coming soon and we want to think and plan those fun days instead of dwelling on the cold winds today. Art & Eden has some gorgeous beachy themed items that will be sure to wow at any spring break destination. From baby sharks to crested waves of blue and white the styles will scream warmth, water, and sunshine.

Boy’s Wyatt Shirt by art & eden: This shark themed shirt will make everyone be excited about shark week. Baby Shark is a huge hit this year so it makes complete sense to stock up on shark themed clothes. It seems you just cannot get away from the allure of the great white this year.

Boys’ Nathan T-Shirt by art & eden: Sharks and kayaks are certainly a great way to waste away a spring break day. Just maybe not together. If you have a beach and water lover this shirt is perfect, and if you have a lover of all things sharks well you will certainly not be disappointed!

Boys’ Lucas Shorts by art & eden: These gorgeous blue wave shorts are sure to be a splash this spring break. pair them with any of the Art & Eden shirts, or make ti a full matching set with the
Boys’ David T-Shirt by art & eden shirt.

Shark Attack Snack

Shark attack snack This week we would like to share with you a wild and fun snack idea for boys that are a wee bit obsessed with sharks. Sharks have fascinated young boys for centuries. They are fast swimmers, carnivorous creatures, they attack at random, and they terrify most people so of course boys find them intriguing. Sharks are so popular they have been turned into incredible movies like Jaws, they find their way into our homes each year with Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, and. So why shouldn’t we let them invade our kitchen a little too. This great shark snack was highlighted on Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons’ blog and is so cool we suggest you check her out for some other incredible ideas in the kitchen. For the shark attack snack you will need a few things.

What You Will Need:

  • 1 red apple
  • mini marshmallows
  • 1 chocolate chip
  • blue jello
  • 1 gummy Swedish Fish
  • goldfish crackers
  • peanut butter
  • 1 plate

What You Will Do:

Picked a good rounded side for the top of the shark from your apple. Cut a piece of the bottom so it will stand but not roll over. Now cut the sides at an angle towards the back to shape the body, then cut out a slit for the mouth. Save the scraps to make the fin later. Cut the mini marshmallows at a diagonal angle to make teeth. Then attach them with some peanut butter. Attach a chocolate chip with peanut butter for the eye. Cut out a fin from the apple scraps and also attach it with peanut butter. Spoon the blue jello around the shark and add the gold fish. Add a swedish Goldfish in his mouth for added drama. Now you have a mouth wateringly dangerous yet delicious treat! Enjoy!