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New in Sleepwear! See it today!

We love to stock items that bring joy to our customers. That is why we bring in new items and restock items that everyone loves. These pajama sets by Sara’s Prints are always a great item to keep in stock. These short sets are perfect for warmer weather. So be sure to stock up on our new in sleepwear item in anticipation of the coming seasons!

Boy’s Smiley Crabs Short Pajama Set by Sara’s Prints: These fun little crabs are perfect for summer months. They just might crawl away with your hearts! Available in sizes 2-8.

New in sleepwear

Boy’s Bugs Bugs Bugs Short Pajama Set by Sara’s Prints:  This pajama set is definitely boy approved! Bugs, bugs, bugs! This print features more bugs than you can imagine. This set is just right for that little entomologist in your life! Available in sizes 2-8.


Chnew in sleepwear - bugs pjs

So check out our website for a selection of new in sleepwear choices

New Jammies: Cold Weather Pajamas

Colder weather is on its way. Here not he west coast we are already experiencing colder nights. The nights have been cold enough I even had to break out the cold weather pajamas. But, we have grown too much over the summer and we need some new ones. So of course I knew where to go. The Boy’s Store. Yes we carry pajamas. We aren’t just everyday clothes you know. We love to stock all sorts of stylish and fun things for boys, that includes pajamas and underwear and socks.

New Jammies is a fantastic brand that specializes in fun and comfortable pajamas for boys. They have incredibly fun and unique styles that will wow your boys and send them off to dreamland in style.

Boys Snuggly Pajamas by New Jammies: These monster truck jammies will speed your boys in to dreamland with the power to make them the first to fall asleep. these monster truck jammies  are made of the softest jersey knit fabric making them easy to wear and easy to wash.

Boys Snuggly Pajamas by New Jammies: kids can’t sleep? Don’t BUG OUT! These bug jammies will soothe them to sleep with their soft jersey knit fabric. they will be soft and warm like a bug in a rug.

Boys Snuggly Ranching Cowboys Pajamas by New Jammies: Home, home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play, where seldom is heard, a discouraging word, and the kids sleep all through the night! Or at least they will with the softest and rowdiest jammies in town. This western themed jammies will lull even the roughest cowboy right in to sleepy town.

Featured Fall Line: New Jammies

During the fall and the winter when nights get longer we all enjoy spending a little extra time in our favorite pjs. Especially around holiday time when it feels like our kids are out if school everyday and just camp out all morning long in the pajamas. Well at least we can make sure those pajamas are nice, comfy, cool, and fun to wear thanks to New Jammies. This season New Jammies has some incredibly cool and comfy new looks that you and your kids will love. They even come in different pj styles as well, if you want a pant and shirt set, footsie pajamas, or a romper New Jammies can outfit your boys little to big for a great slumber.

Moose PJ Set by New Jammies: this shirt and pants set is perfect for the holiday season with its red, white, and green striped bottoms and red and green long sleeve top, which comes with the most adorable moose appliqué ever on the front. Your boys will look sweet, cuddly, and innocent in this great pj set. Sizes 4T-7.

Boy's organic pajama by New Jammies

Night Owl Footies by New Jammies: these white footie pjs are perfect for your littlest guy. The are white and feature blue and yellow moons, stars, and owls. 12 MOS-18MOS. have an older boy that would look adorable in this too? It comes in a shirt and pants set too! 2T-4T.

Boy's Night Owl One Piece Pajama by New Jammies

Snuggly Dino-Mite PJ Set by New Jammies: this snugly charcoal grey pant set features some incredibly mighty dinosaurs in red and yellow. What boy doesn’t love dinosaurs? Now they can even sleep with their favorite fierce creatures. 2T-8.

Boy's Organic Dinosaur Pajamas by New Jammies

Wheels On My Bike Romper by New Jammies: this cuddly and comfy romper is footless so your little guy can still run and walk unencumbered. It features a contrasting binding in light blue and has a really fun bicycle embroidered on the left chest. Your little guy will ride right through his dreams when he sleeps in this.

Boys One Piece Pajamas by New Jammies