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Banana Snacks of Art!

Since my kids are home for summer we are having a lot of play-dates. By a lot, I mean — A LOT. I have actually forgotten to schedule some time off so far. Yes it has only been a week and a half, but Momma needs some rest soon or she is going to go crazy.

Thank goodness today’s play-date is at my very best-friends house, which means I get to relax and unwind with her while all of the kids play. Each of our kids are the same age give-or-take a month (in one case only a day). So they pair off well and play together very well.

When we trade play-dates we arrange it so that whomever is hosting provides activities, the house, and is in charge of set-up. Whomever is visiting brings the snack, and does the clean-up. So today I am in charge of snack, and I found a fun one that is both healthy and fun for the kids — and while it looks fabulous, it really doesn’t require much work on my part.

Banana Boeing 747. It is basically fruit made to look like little airplanes. It works out perfect for everyone. It can be easily replicated, and you change the fruit out if you have an allergy, or just don’t like something. Since no one in our group has an allergy and our kids pretty much eat whatever you place in front of them I simply recreated the photo, but feel free to change it up!

Fun Spring Inspired Snacks

We love spring. We finally have the chance to play outside again, and we stay there as long as we can. With longer days, and shorter nights we spend so much time in the bright sunshine that we may as well take up residency in the backyard. I have a hard time getting the kids to come inside for snacks when they are enjoying the great outdoors so much. One way I can get them to come in is if I offer them something fun and exciting for snack. Since I do not like to offer treats on a regular basis I choose to spice up and impress with my healthy snacks.

I recently found this fun caterpillar snack that will impress almost any kid. It features some of my kids favorite fruits, and it comes in a fun little caterpillar inspired image. All you need are some grapes, oranges, carrots, cheese, and spinach. We use cheese to make the legs, eyes, and antennae. But you could use whatever item will cut well for those pieces. Simply place the pieces of food and create your own little masterpiece.

Sprint inspired snacks

I have found that by creating these fun food art pieces I can entice my little outdoor lovers back in the house long enough to eat, rest from the sun and heat, and then I can send them back out to play refreshed and ready to burn more energy. If you have any other fun food art ideas we would love to see them!

Halloween Party Treats: Party Central Snacks

Halloween is a great time to get together with friends and family and spend a little time having fun. It is also a great time for some sweet treats. So it is no wonder that so many kids attend Halloween parties around this time. Whether your kiddos are attending family parties, friends parties, church parties, or school parties it is always nice to bring a little something to contribute. Unfortunately it can get boring just bringing bags of candy, cookies, or cakes. That is why we have found three fun treat mixes that will be sure to wow at your kids, or your, next Halloween party. Check out these incredibly tasty and easy recipes from some fellow bloggers!

Monster Munch from A Pumpkin and a Princess: This fun and tasty treat is perfect for a Halloween bash. It features some fun and iconic Halloween candy that is easy to pick up and even simpler to mix together. Created by mommy blogger Crystal, she shares this fun and frightening treat mix on her blog A Pumpkin and  A Princess. Crystal shares all sorts of crafts, activities, and recipes everyday so check her out. We have already fallen in love with several of her ideas (remember her Fourth of July confetti sticks?) and we know you will too!

Halloween Party Treats

Harvest Hash Halloween Trail Mix from The House of Hendrix: this fun chex style trail mix features some fun Halloween favorites and some everyday snack go-tos. Your guests will love it whether they are young kids or seasoned adults. Crafted by mommy blogger Alli from The House Hendrix it is just one of her many easy and fun recipes and crafts that will wow at any party or gathering. Head on over and check out the recipe now, and be sure to check out her other great ideas.

Halloween Party Treats


Peanut Butter Cup Puppy Chow from Inside the Bru Crew Life: This fun recipe will surely remind you of your childhood. Puppy chow chex mix has been a favorite snack mix at holiday gathering for years. This Halloween themed peanut butter cup one has all the color and tasty of the perfect Halloween sweet treat. Crafted by Jocelyn from Inside the Bru Crew it will remind you of hiding under the dining room table sampling the treats left out at holiday gatherings. The peanut butter taste will surely impress, this puppy chow will make every dog (and human) in town hungry. Be sure to check out some of Jocelyn’s other great ideas when you are following her recipe.


Halloween Party Treats