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Christmas Must-Haves: Socks and Underwear

If you are like me you use Christmas to restock on items your kids have outgrown, worn out, or lost. In this house, we do a need, a want, and read when it comes to Christmas gifts. One thing my kids ALWAYS seem to need is socks and underwear. Because after all, who doesn’t need those things! Making them a Christmas must-haves items.

My kids are terrible on their underwear. Mostly because they never take them out of their pants. So the two sometimes end up washed together. Also, because I swear they have little monsters living in their pants or drawers that are secretly eating holes in their socks and underwear. I mean seriously, who gets that many holes in a pair of underwear?

Despite the fact that we all need socks and underwear I am a firm believer in making them fun and unique. I love to choose necessities that have a fun look to them to make them more exciting. The Boy’s Store carries several fun lines of underwear and socks from brands like Country Kids, Melton, Nowali, Zoocchini, and Trimfit.

These items make excellent stocking stuffers during the holiday time, so check them out at The Boy’s Store now!

Christmas must haves #1 Christmas must haves #2 Christmas must haves #3 Christmas must haves #4

The Boy’s Store: Halloween Gear

That spooky time of year is coming, ghouls and goblins will roam the streets begging for candy very soon. Kids are huge fans of Halloween, as if that is surprising? But a lot of parents are too. We love Halloween at our house, and I am not ashamed to admit my kids are already wearing Halloween pajamas, clothes, socks, and the house is decorated. Please don’t kill the messenger. But we already have Halloween stocked at The Boy’s Store too! Your little ghouls can find Halloween gear such as spooky tees, socks, and legwarmers to brighten their holiday this season.

Did you know that Halloween is the second most talked about, shopped for, and beloved holiday next to only Christmas? But it is just such a fun and carefree holiday and everyone can get involved. So hurry on over to The Boy’s Store to check out some of the ghoulish gear that your boys can sport all month long. Some of your favorite brands feature fun Halloween apparel including Appaman, Huggalugs, Wes and Willy, Country Kids, Tumbleweed, Jefferies Socks, Kai Bean, and City Threads.

Here are few pictures of our Halloween selections

Halloween gear - boys shirt

Halloween gear - mummy shirt

Halloween gear - leg warmers

Apres Les Petites: Socks!!

Who says socks have to be boring? Apres Les Petites offers some of the most incredibly fun, and out of this world socks of your little man. Socks may be one of the last things we put on everyday, they may be small, but who says they have to be boring? Socks can be fun, outrageous, and colorful.

Bacon Ankle Socks: Who doesn’t love bacon? It can be used in so many different ways: breakfast, lunch, dinner. The possibilities are endless. Well, now they can be used as clothes. These fun ankle socks create a savory style that will impress any bacon lover.

Apres les petites bacon socks

Candy Cane Ankle Socks: Sweet, sweet peppermint. Christmas may be over but our love for those sweet candy canes will never die! So share that sweet peppermint love with a pair of candy cane ankle socks.

Apres les petites candy cane socks

Pretzel Ankle Socks: The
saltiness. Pretzels are a snack food that never go out of style, so why not make them even more stylish? Pretzel socks, they go with everything, just like pretzels!

Apres les petites pretzel socks

Taco Ankle Socks: Tacos. Walking Tacos. Socks. Makes sense right?

Apres les petites taco socks