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Spring Break Boredom Busters!

Spring Break started this week, and I have already heard those dreaded words, I’m BORED. Well not this year guys. I have planned to have play-dates every day of the week. Right now my kids are in the backyard with friends. I even checked out a few ideas for how to keep the boredom at bay.

The Dating Divas have a long list of Boredom Busters that every parent should have this spring break. Whether your kids are in to art, outdoor play, or indoor play, the list has something for EVERYONE. I am hoping that by having a friend over every day and implementing some of these boredom busters we will eliminate that dreaded phrase all week long.

We started out our week with some outdoor fun. Since the west coast has some gnarly storms coming in midweek we are taking advantage of some decent weather while we can. Currently my kids are all outside in the middle of scavenger hunt. We even got out our dress up kit and they are all decked out as pirates while they look for treasure. Instant fun! Be sure to check out the 60+ Boredom Busting ideas listed at The Dating Divas. You will definitely be glad you did!

Spring Break Fun: Swim!

Spring Break is almost here, and that means we can finally enjoy some warmer weather. Whether you are traveling somewhere fun and warm or you are enjoying the warmer temperatures at home you will want to check out the awesome swim apparel available at The Boy’s Store this season.

Boys Riis Swim Trunks by Appaman: These green triangle swim shorts are bold and fun for swimming this season. Pair them with some Appaman rash guards or t-shirts for a comfortable and completed look. These run small so size up!

Boy's swim by Appaman

Boys Riis Trunks by Appaman: Just like the green triangles these are great for spring break and summer. They feature a blue crab print, giving some tropical life to our dreary winter blues.

Crab swim trunks

Boys Logo Swim Trunks: The always hip Appaman logo is also an excellent choice for some rad spring break trunks. The monkey logo is always a hit with kids.  It features an ombre blue color that reminds all of us calm and cool waters ready for lots of fun and relaxation. Pick some up now for your spring breaker!

Have an EGGciting Easter!!



Easter is coming up this weekend and many parents will have their kids home for a few extra days this week, what better way to occupy them than with a great and eggciting craft! Kids love to dye Easter eggs, but all that food coloring and store bought dye kits can be messy and leave the house stained. Many parents outlaw egg coloring because of the stain factor. So how about finding some neat ways to decorate eggs that do not include products that will dye or stain the house and all the people involved in the process? Well here are a couple of projects your kids will love that will leave your house (relatively) unscathed.

Cool Crayon Colors
Total Time Needed:
1 Hour

By substituting crayons for conventional egg dye you won’t have to worry about the stains. Simply melt the crayons on the egg by coloring right on the still-warm hard-boiled eggs. The heat from the egg will melt the wax and create smooth colors and patterns on the egg.

White vinegar
Paper towels

Boil the eggs in a mixture of water and vinegar (about 1 1/2 tablespoons of vinegar for every cup of water) for 10 minutes, then turn off the heat. Carefully remove a hot egg (parents only) and let it cool for about 10 minutes. (Leave the others in the water until you’re almost ready to decorate them, so they stay warm.) Holding the egg on a paper towel, draw on the shell with the crayons. To avoid smudging your design when turning the egg, carefully lift it from the paper towel, turn it, then set it back down. Let the design set for about 30 minutes.

Aluminum Foil Technique:
Total Time Needed: 1 hour

Hard Boiled Eggs
Aluminum foil
Acrylic paint

After boiling the eggs let them cool for 10-15 minutes. Then take a piece of aluminum foil and crumple it and uncrumple it, now coat the foil with acrylic paint. Next place the egg in the center of the foil, now loosely wrap the egg with the foil. Gently press the foil in on the egg trying not to crush the egg (parents may want to show the kids how gently to press the foil onto the egg.) Finally remove the egg and let it dry. If you want to add other colors repeat the process with another piece of foil and a new color.

Both of these decorating ideas are new and eggciting for you and your little one, so enjoy the weekend and all your eggcellent creations!

We would love to see your eggs, please feel free to share pictures of your eggcellent eggs with us as a comment.