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Spring Fun: DIY Firefly

If you are one of the lucky ones enjoying that sweet spring weather already then we. Have a fun outdoor activity for you. If you are stuck inside in the snow then we have a fun activity that will make you feel like spring has already sprung.

Fireflies are one of natures sweetest and magical phenomena. They glow and buzz through the air like our very own stars of the night. As kids many of us were lucky enough to sit outside with our families and watch these magical bugs buzz around the yard, others dreamed of these magical creatures and watched them in movies that made us yearn for the Lightning bugs. Well now you and your kids can enjoy them together whether they live in your area or not. All you need is a few little items to make your own sweet and magical fireflies that you can keep forever.

DYI Firefly

What You a Will Need:

Plastic Easter Eggs
Duct tape
Permanent markers
Pipe cleaners
Battery powered tea light
Thumb tack

What You Will Do:

1. Take your plastic Easter eggs and use your thumb tack to poke two holes in the top of one half of the egg. Then poke 6 holes, 3 on each side of the bottom half of the other egg piece.
2. Stick pipe cleaners in the holes bending the two in to antennae and the others in to legs.
3. Use your permanent marker to draw eyes on the egg half with the antennae and a smile as well.
4. Take two pieces of duct tape and stick them together sticky side to sticky side. Then use your scissors to cut an oval shape and cut it in half midway to separate the wings, then stick it to the bottom half of the egg.
5. Now place your tea light in the top half of the light, bulb side out, and connect the two pieces to close the egg.
6. Now you can enjoy your sweet firefly all night long.

Spring Time Planting Craft


Spring is just around the corner. We are counting down the days here until we can play outside full-time again. But another thing we love to do in our house is grow things. We have a little herb garden and a little vegetable garden. Even the kids love to get in on the action. This year we thought we would try a beginning of spring planting activity that would get even the youngest of the group involved.

We found a really neat site called Nurture Store. Based in the United Kingdom this great site features great posts from Cathy James. Each of these great posts are geared towards learning with kids. You can see posts about outside play, creative play, math, science, reading, and even crafting. This month we want to highlight the Nurture Store’s great springtime planting activity.

Eggheads with Cress Hair is an excellent activity that will teach you kids about plants growth and how important water, sun, fresh air, and good care helps a little plant become a big plant. Now you and your kids can become EGGcelent gardeners.

What You Will Need:

Empty egg shells
Felt pens
Stick-on wobbly eyes
Cotton wool
Cress seeds
Empty egg box

Now to get the full tutorial just head on over to the Nurture Store. You will love the fun learning activity, and so will your kiddos. At the end of the activity just wait a few days and you will have some goofy looking eggheads with a wonderfully full head of hair!

Mother’s Day Crafts: Garden Stepping Stones

Garden Stepping Stones

Ok Mom’s look away, it is that time of year again, Mother’s Day. we have a great gift and craft idea but you have to look away and pretend you know nothing about it.

ok kids is your Mom looking to spruce up the backyard this spring? Sure planting some beautiful spring flowers is fun and easy, but they only last as long as the season does. Why not create some amazing artwork that will be around her garden forever? Well all you need is an old cake tin, some quick dry cement, and a great imagination! Oh and probably your Dad for some extra help.

You and your kids can create one of a kind works of art in the form of stepping stones for your garden this spring. Kids love to decorated and design their own unique pieces, it is a great way to get them interested in art and get those creative juices flowing. Plus it is a fun and inexpensive way to decorate or enhance your garden. Your kids can even make a new one each year and include a hand-print or footprint. That way each spring you get to see how much your child has grown in the past year.

You can use all sorts of things to decorate your stones. Marbles, glass, tile, leaves, or rocks. You kids can even create neat textures and patterns by pressing different things onto the cement before it dries leaving the pattern of a big leaf, netting, or wicker.

What You Will Need:

Quick Dry Cement
A old cake pan
Other (anything else you or your kids can think of the create an awesome new design)

What You Will Do:

1. Fill the cake pan with the quick dry cement. Follow the instructions on the bag or box in order to know how long it will take to set.
2. Next begin to decorate it before it dries. Press your objects in so they lay flat and can be stepped on. Press patterns or designs into the cement with leaves or use a stick or your finger to draw.
3. Allow to set and then carefully remove your new stone from the cake pan. You know have a beautiful piece of art for your yard. Feel free to make as many as you want.