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St Patricks Day Leprechaun Trap!

In our household we love make-believe. Imagination is the greatest toy. We get a little in to holidays, especially ones that have extra meaning in our family. Since we are Irish we get very in to St. Patrick’s Day. And so does our imagination. When I was a little girl my mother introduced me to leprechauns. These sweet little magical creatures guard the world’s treasure from trolls, thieves, and other mythical and not-so-mythical creatures (like old brothers, mine was always taking my money). So this year I was excited to share my knowledge of leprechauns with my kids. Leprechaun’s can only be seen in our world during the month of St. Patrick’s Day when their magic begins to fade. During this time a leprechaun trap can be fashioned, and a leprechaun can be enticed inside of it with the hope of gaining more gold to add to their treasure. If you capture a leprechaun you get to keep his treasure. But, if he can make your gold without being caught he will disappear. In place of your treasure he will leave you a treat. Candy usually.

Now that my kids are starting to pay attention to fun things like St Patrick’s Day I was excited to share my mother’s trap tradition. And now you can share it with your kids.

What You Will Need:

Cardboard box

green paper






What You Will Do:

Decorate your box. Your imagination will lead you right. Just make sure you have a small door or  prop your box up with a stick to fashion a trap.

Then leave your trap out with a trail of gold to entice your leprechaun.

When your kids aren’t looking take away the gold and replace with candy. Let them find the empty or sprung trap and candy.

Looks like that tricky leprechaun was too quick for us! leprechaun trap


St Patrick’s Day: Little Ones Leprechaun Fun!

It’s the luck of the Irish! St. Patrick’s Day is on its way! Do you have a little one at home that wants to get in to the holiday spirit? Are you teaching or working with little kids? Then you will love this fun new craft we found. As the mom of young kids I know how much fun it is to get down and dirty with the craft paint and just let them go nuts. Finger painting is fun but it is always nice to give them a little utensil to use. It is good for controlled motor activity and creativity. So if you have a little one at home and are looking for a change from the usual finger painting scene you might want to listen up!

If you love to craft we want you to meet Michele. She is a craft-a-holic and she loves to share her wisdom. She even has an entire website dedicated to pure craftiness. Craftymorning.com is a fun website and blog that will introduce you to your crafty side, or will make you such a prosperous crafter that people will begin calling you Martha Stewart. Michele has a fun craft for St Patrick’s Day that will knock your socks off! Fork painting. It is fun easy to do, and easy to get a toddler to do! WIN! This month why not try her Leprechaun with a Fork Beard Craft.


St Patrick's day leprechaun funWhat You Will Need:

Orange paint
Brown and pink crayon
Green, yellow, and black paper
Googly eyes
Black marker

Now hurry on over for the full tutorial at craftymorning.com you will find so many fun ideas that you might never come back. If you can try to leave a bread crumb trail, we will send a search party for you!

Wes and Willy: St Patty’s Day Gear!

St. Patrick’s Day is creeping up on us. For all of you Irish- American’s out there that live for this holiday, or even those that just love the Good Ole Irish, it is time to get ready! Parents may not remember that far back (ouch I know but I am including myself in this statement so never fear) but St. Patty’s day is a big deal at school. Remember that fun little game of wearing green? If you aren’t wearing green you get a pinch! While we don’t condone actually on hong, it is fun to get into the spirit by donning the festive color. So we were excited when we saw some great items in the Wes and Willy collection that would be perfect for St. Patty’s Day.

World Soccer Shirt by Wes and Willy: this awesome green shirt features some great soccer balls covered in their nations colors. It even includes the wonderful Emerald Isle, Ireland. Nobody is getting pinched in this great shirt!


Shamrock Shirt by Wes and Willy: another great green shirt this awesome shirt also features the incredibly Irish Shamrock. Shamrocks are the symbol of great luck in Ireland and all around the world. Wearing this vibrant shirt will definitely get you out of a pinch, and maybe the luck will get you a good grade on that pop quiz!


Plaid Cargo Shorts by Wes and Willy: who says you have to stop at the shirt? This incredible plaid shorts are available in green. Now you can don the green apparel from head to toe. Talk about festive!


Shamrock Tie by Wes and Willy: a little too cool for just at shirt and shorts? Go super cool and suave with this incredible accessory. A tie is the perfect piece to pull together an amazing look for St. Patty’s Day.