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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day is over and now St. Patrick’s Day is coming up fast. We are already thinking ahead to crafts all month long. With little kids at home still we find that the best way to entertain is to give them lots of arts and crafts projects. My youngest boy loves a great arts and crafts project, and since he is the last baby we love to make little projects with him to enjoy the last of the fun activities with kids.

This month I am collecting ideas for St. Patrick’s Day. My little man loves rainbows, so this is the perfect time to let him go rainbow crazy. With all of the rain we have been having it is also the perfect time to discuss rainbows and work with them.

This fun project is from The Kindergarten Connection. The Kindergarten Connection has tons of neat learning activities for early childhood, so be sure to check them out! You can find a full tutorial for this project at their website. Rainsticks are so much fun to play with. They create lovely sounds and allow the child to interact with sound, touch, and movement all in one fun craft. This St. Patrick’s Day themed rainstick makes the whole project extra fun.

Be sure to follow the instructions well and be prepared for a bit of a mess. Trust us, it is worth all of the mess.

St. Patrick’s Day Fun: Edible Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun day for all kids, you do not even need to be Irish. You can enjoy the fun of the holiday with a little it of crafts and a little bit of snacks. All you need is some cereal, some marshmallows, and a little leprechaun to help you out. Thank you to Jonesing to Create for such a fun idea. This little rainbow cloud craft is not only simple and fun, it can also be quite delicious as well. After all, who doesn’t love a craft that you can eat when you are finished? Isn’t that why Gingerbread houses are so popular at Christmas time? Think of these sweet little rainbow clouds as the Irish version of a gingerbread house. Edible crafts The tutorial is very simple, which makes this an excellent craft for kids of any age. It can even be great for toddlers and will help them with their fine motor skills since they will need to thread cereal to make it work. We love this craft because the kids enjoy making things, and we all enjoy looking at their creations. But things can get crowded around here with so many art projects. This art project is great because we build it, we take a couple of pictures and enjoy it, then we eat it! No clean up required! Those are my favorite kinds of crafts! Head on over to Jonesing to Create for the full tutorial and some other fun ideas that will last all year long.

St Patricks Day Leprechaun Trap!

In our household we love make-believe. Imagination is the greatest toy. We get a little in to holidays, especially ones that have extra meaning in our family. Since we are Irish we get very in to St. Patrick’s Day. And so does our imagination. When I was a little girl my mother introduced me to leprechauns. These sweet little magical creatures guard the world’s treasure from trolls, thieves, and other mythical and not-so-mythical creatures (like old brothers, mine was always taking my money). So this year I was excited to share my knowledge of leprechauns with my kids. Leprechaun’s can only be seen in our world during the month of St. Patrick’s Day when their magic begins to fade. During this time a leprechaun trap can be fashioned, and a leprechaun can be enticed inside of it with the hope of gaining more gold to add to their treasure. If you capture a leprechaun you get to keep his treasure. But, if he can make your gold without being caught he will disappear. In place of your treasure he will leave you a treat. Candy usually.

Now that my kids are starting to pay attention to fun things like St Patrick’s Day I was excited to share my mother’s trap tradition. And now you can share it with your kids.

What You Will Need:

Cardboard box

green paper






What You Will Do:

Decorate your box. Your imagination will lead you right. Just make sure you have a small door or  prop your box up with a stick to fashion a trap.

Then leave your trap out with a trail of gold to entice your leprechaun.

When your kids aren’t looking take away the gold and replace with candy. Let them find the empty or sprung trap and candy.

Looks like that tricky leprechaun was too quick for us! leprechaun trap