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Christmas Storage Organization Ideas

I have not cleaned up Christmas, and I won’t for a few more weeks. But I love looking at great Christmas storage ideas for the cleanup when I do. Since I usually get a little bit more decor at the end of Christmas (sales hello!) and I have extra money from gifts, I like to purchase things for next year. One thing I love to do is purchase storage containers. They not only make excellent storage for decor, they also make excellent storage for all the extra toys and clothes my kids have received during the holidays.

Some great places to get storage containers inexpensively after Christmas is Home Depot, Target, Wal Mart, Lowes, Big Lots, and Dollar Tree. I love to purchase bins, wall organizers, closet organizers, and cases that I can put things in all year long. Check out some incredible storage ideas here.

You can also repurpose items to be used in different ways that can enable you to have more storage. Check out some incredibly cool ideas here from Spunky Junky.

It always feels great to start the new year off right with everything organized and clean. I feel great knowing I know where everything is and can get to it easily.

Monster Storage DIY

We love to find fun and creative ideas for storing things, especially our art materials. Most kids love to make fun art projects. But trying to find all of their pens, markers, crayons, and paints can sometimes take longer than the actual art project. So why not find a way to make all of those art supplies stay in one place in some easy to display storage? Of course if you are going to keep your art supplies on display you want to make sure that they are stored in some pretty neat looking ways.

This awesome DIY will give you some fantastic storage containers for all those pens and markers. Monster Storage Containers are the perfect DIY. Not on,y are they fun to create, great to display, but they are also an incredible recycling project for old shampoo bottles!

What You Will Need:

Shampoo bottles
Stickers for face (optional you can color the face on as well)

1. Just follow the instructions in the image below for some amazing ideas in decorating your shampoo bottles as monsters. But don’t be afraid to be creative and design your own unique monster storage!

Monster Storage diy