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Best Books: Humphrey the Hamster Books

Are you and your kids looking for a new book to read? How about a a whole series? If you haven’t heard about The World According to Humphrey then you need to listen up and pay attention. The World According to Humphrey is the first book in a series lovingly known as the Humphrey Hamster books. The Humphrey books are written by Betty G. Birney, and they follow a sweet and lovable class pet named Humphrey through his life in classroom 26. The books are great for ages 8-12. The books follow Humphrey as he navigates his way through interactions with the children, teacher, and lessons that are in classroom 26. Humphrey has all the same fears, likes, and interactions as the kids in his class. It allows the reader to understand and experience all of the realities of being a kid in school and dealing with relationships, homework, and life all through the safe and knowing point of view of the classroom pet.

This first book introduces Humphrey and some of the kids in the classroom. It even introduces the teacher Mrs. Brisbane, who Humphrey swears hates him and is out to get him. Kids will love this book because it is so easy to relate to. Humphrey gives them a wonderful proxy to experience the harsh world of growing up without being faced with actually being the center of the story. Parents will love that the books will keep bringing kids back for more.

Friendship: Books About Friends

Friendship is such a  fundamental part of our lives as humans. We cultivate relationships from the moment we are born until the day we die. Friendship is one of the most important relationships we will ever have. So it isn’t surprising that we sometimes need a little help understanding why we need friends, and how to treat our friends. One of the great ways we can teach our children about friendship is through modeling. We model how a friend should be treated and appreciated through our own behavior. Another great way to teach children about friendships is through fun and simple books. The following books make the interaction fun, interesting, and is presented on a child’s level. Books About Friends This great book, The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers follows a little boy as he rockets in to space and lands on an alien planet where he is stranded. The only other living being there is a small martian. Together the two develop a fabulous plan to fix their spacecraft and return home. They not only repair the spacecraft, they develop a friendship that changes them.
In conclusion:
This fun book is playfully illustrated with child-like stick drawings that speak to the reader and help to rekindle that child-like innocence. It is perfect for reading with a parent, sibling, or for a child to read alone. The emotions expressed are universal, and will help to show just how important friendship really is in this world.

New Books: Harry Potter Fans Will Be Excited!

Harry Potter fans will be so excited to hear that the new book, a play, will be released in July. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Parts one and two. This story will follow Harry and his son Albus in a post-war magical world. The play is a collaboration between JK Rowling and John Tiffany And Jack Thorne. This new addition to the world of Harry Potter will show the grown-up Harry. He has taken on his new roles as Dad and overworked Ministry of Magic worker. Albus Potter will shine as a new pivotal character showing readers how the world of magic has changed since the defeat of Lord Voldemort.

Harry Potter and the cursed child

This special new book is the collaboration of Thorne, Tiffany, and Rowling. This new story will also premiere as a play at London’s West End. Its simultaneous debut as a book will allow Harry Potter fans all over the world to read the story that has been so long awaited. The book debuts on July 30th 2016.

If you have some Harry Potter fans in your household this book is definitely worth the money. Pre-order it now and receive it in July when it comes out! It is going to be an excellent addition to any home library.