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Appaman Suits!

Have you seen all of the incredible suits that Appaman has to offer? Appaman is the king of suits for boys. If you want your little man to look good for an important event then Appaman has them covered. Check out the different Appaman suits options available at The Boy’s Store now.

Appaman’s boys Mod Suit:

Appaman suits are one of the most popular suits we sell at The Boy’s Store. The Mod suit is a very modern take on the suit for boys. It is comfortable, features an adjustable waist and four pockets. Boys love it. Parents love it. Best of all, it is available in many different colors like black, chambray, Greign Plaid, Khaki, mist, navy, seersucker, and the newest color Teal.

Appaman suits in teal

Don’t forget a great suit is nothing without a great shirt, and Appaman has many different options.

Boys Standard Shirt by Appaman:

This shirt is perfect when you need your boys to look nice. It can be worn with jeans, nice pants, or the Mod Suit. It is available in navy, amethyst, red gingham, and blue gingham.

Standard shirt by Appaman

Holiday Suits: Appaman Style

This holiday season The Boys Store knows that you want your boys to look good. After all, how often do our boys pay attention to their clothes, style, and hair? Most boys don’t even wash their hands on a regular basis. So it isn’t surprising that at holiday time we want them to look good. It’s our right as parents to request one day of cleanliness and nice clothes. So we are pleased to share with you some incredibly stylish holiday suits from Appaman.

Appaman Boys Greign Plaid Mod Suit: This gray plaid tailored suit is an excellent choice for the holidays. Plaid is a classic style that never goes out, and the tailored fit gives it a sophisticated classy look. Pair it with some gorgeous colored ties and shirts for a fun holiday look.


Appaman Boys Mod Suit: Available in a wonderful red that will pop this holiday season, this mod suit is a fun alternative to the traditional suit this holiday season. It is bold, modern, and fun. It might even become one of your sons favorite looks, you know for when he has to dress up. Pair it with fun ties for an even more exciting holiday look.


Don’t forget to check out Appaman’s many different ties to pair with either suit!

Appaman Red Striped Tie   AP3122__04866.1437759520.500.659

Appaman Marine Striped Tie    AP3009-2__55777.1408058931.1280.1280

Appaman’s Gray Plaid Tie   AP3018-5__09464.1408058932.1280.1280

Holiday Looks: The Boy’s Store

The holidays are here, and we want to get dressed up!! Appaman is here to make our holidays a little fancier, a little handsomer, and a little more fun! Appaman is well known for creating incredible looks that everyone loves, mom, dad, friends, but most of all BOYS! It is notoriously difficult to get boys to want to dress up. Especially at holiday time when it is very probable that they are going to be forced to visit family they never see, get told how much they have grown, and be forced to pose for picture after, picture after, picture! Appaman to the rescue!! Appaman promises pants, suits, ties, and vests that will make your son NOT HATE getting dressed up this holiday season. Cue the happy dance!

Printed Velvet Tailored Vest by Appaman: this amazing vest is made of black velvet and features a really cool print that will impress everyone who sees it. It has just enough pizazz and style to help you get that amazing look you want in your photos this holiday season. Pair it with Appaman Mod Suit Pants for a pulled together style. Appaman runs small to true size, you may want to buy one size up.


Mod Suit Set by Appaman: this amazing tailored suit is perfect for the holiday season. It is available in five different colors including Black, Mist, Chambray, Khaki, and Navy. It pairs well with Appaman ties and the Printed Velvet Tailored Vest. Appaman runs small to true size, you may want to buy one size up.


Black Bow Tie by Appaman: this black bow tie is sure to wow! Adjustable it can be worn with the Appaman Mod Suit and truly stuns with the Printed Velvet Tailored Vest.


Plaid Tie by Appaman: a more traditional look with the flair of fun with the plaid pattern. It comes in two different colors green and navy.


All of huge Appaman looks are available at The Boy’s Store and pair well together with one another. So when you are planning your next holiday look for your boys check them out!

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