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Batting Practice: Water Balloons Revisited!

The weather is heating up here in the hot desert. We have had to get creative in the ways we are staying cool this summer. We decided to revisit the idea of a water balloon fight, but we needed a new twist. Thank you to icandy Handmade for the great idea — Water Balloon Baseball!

icandy Handmade created the coolest baseball birthday for her son, and we took the game idea — water balloon baseball — and turned it in to the best summer activity EVER! With just a bag full of water balloons (or several) and a couple of baseball bats you can be outside soaking up sun and busting balloons (and laughs) all afternoon.

My husband thought he would have a laugh or two and replaced a handful of the water balloons with regular balloons. The kids became frustrated when the balloon didn’t bust on the first whack. Instead they had a great time hitting the balloon over and over.

Water balloons are such a simple and fun summer activity. I can remember playing with my own siblings all summer long as a child tossing water balloons and dodging their attempts at hitting me with a balloon. As long as there is summer, there will be water balloons.

Do not forget to head on over to icandy Handmade to check out her incredible Baseball Birthday ideas and see how much fun it was creating water balloon baseball!


Summer Games: Balloon Noodles


Are your kids looking for some fun outdoor group games to play when their friends come over this summer? Are you having a birthday party or summer party and need a new great game to keep everyone busy? Well we may have found the perfect game.

Parents.com has a fun new idea for groups to play outside this summer. This Balloon Noodle game is fun for all ages and would make an excellent addition to your party game collection. What is so much fun about the game is watching people learn how to manipulate the balloons around the yard and eventually into the basket using only their pool noodles. It is also a great game to teach cooperation and teamwork because many players will find they need help from other noodles to get their balloons where they are supposed to be.

What You Will Need:

Pool noodles
Scissors (cut each pool noodle in half so that each player has one noodle short enough to hold and wield, also saves money on noodles)
Laundry basket (depending on how many players you have you may want two or more baskets)

What You Will Do:

1. Place inflated balloons all over the backyard.
2. Place the laundry baskets about 5-10 feet apart in the center of the hard.
3. Give each player a half of a pool noodle.
4. Tell each player they have 5 minutes to try and get as many balloons as possible into the baskets. Using only their pool noodle, nothing else can touch the balloon.
5. To play with teams have each team have to get a specific color balloon into their basket. Team with the most balloons in their basket wins.

Now have fun, and don’t forget, their is no “I” in team!