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Best Books: Who Was Charles Darwin

We recently discovered a new to us series, the “Who Was” series. We love to read about history and learn about new people and places. My kids love when they can read a book by themselves and not need me, and with non-fiction that can sometimes be difficult because the language used is often lofty and advanced. The “Who Was” series is great because their target audience is early readers. The language is simple and straight-forward and they are meant to act as a beginners guide to early learners.

There are so many different books available in this incredible series. Biographies range from Jane Goodall to Martin Luther King, and include others such as George Washington, Genghis Khan, and William Shakespeare. Each book allows the reader to get an introductory look in to an historical figure.

This month we chose Charles Darwin because our kids are interested in exploration, animals, and how the animals change. This book gives a great introduction to Survival of the Fittest, looks at Darwin’s expedition to the Galapagos Islands, and gives some details in to his personal life. If you have a child that is interested in learning about adaptation and how species change or disappear this is a great book to start with. Many schools will even give extra credit at the beginning of the school year for students that read and log their reading or create book reports during the holidays. This is an excellent book for a book report, so check it out.

Best Boy Books: ZOMBIES!!

Disaster Diaries: Zombies!

It is summer vacation and everyone is ready for the greatest time ever! That is until the last week of school brings about the Zombie Apocalypse. When a science experiment in science class goes terribly wrong everyone is drenched in a goo that turns them in to Zombies!! Now summer is going to be more about running for our lives instead of running to the pool. Follow Sam and Arty as they run for their lives this summer in Disaster Diaries: Zombies!¬† Zombies! While most kids just have to figure out what pool float to take with them to the community pool Sam and Arty are figuring out how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse this summer. They weren’t expecting that they would be preparing for the end of the world and protecting their brains, but thats just the beginning. Help them escape the crazy brain hungry zombies all summer long. Just beware not to replicate their science experiment. The results could be HORRIBLE!!

Summer Reading Lists by Grade

Reading over the summer is so important. Your child loses nearly 60 percent of his knowledge during the summer months. By engaging your children over the summer with books and activities you can help to ensure that your kids do not lose the knowledge they gained during the school year.

This month we want to share some incredibly fun and unique summer reading lists for you and your kids. These lists have been created by a blogger/librarian that knows her stuff. As MeganRuth is a librarian, she understands the importance of summer reading. She also knows what books kids love. She has compiled many different lists according to grade level and reading ability. Her blog, Alohamora, features lists from Kindergarten to high school. There is a book for everyone in these collections. SO be sure to head over to Alohamora now to check them all out!

Summer Reading lists

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