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Ice-Cream Cookie Cone: Summer Treats

Summer has officially started at our house. School is out! As a way to celebrate the last day of school we planned a whole day of fun at school, a field day. Each grade level was in charge of an event. Luckily I was in charge of dessert, because I did not want to be in charge of the water games or the races. Instead I enjoyed a nice cool afternoon in the shade with a very large tub of ice-cream and some really delicious cookie cones.

We found this fun recipe on Pinterest, Thank you Ashlee Marie for a fabulous and fairly simple recipe. We followed the recipe and tutorial and made the cones ahead of time to be ready for field day. Since the recipe only makes 8 cones and we had to have one for each kid in the classroom we had to triple the recipe. But the results were fabulous. We made sure we had plenty of ice-cream and we were ready to go.

Cookie cone

The kids were absolutely obsessed with these cones. They tastes amazing, they held up well, and they were just like eating chocolate chip cookies with our ice-cream — only better! They would make an excellent dessert at a party, summer barbecue, or just for one night after family-dinner. Be sure you check out Ashlee Marie for the full recipe and tutorial — including a video — and be sure to check out her other amazing ideas and recipes!

Summer Sweet Treats: Popsicles

We love summer sweet treats, anything from ice cream to popsicles are total hits in our house. I love creating new and fun sweet treats while the kids are home for summer break. This year I found an idea that totally blew my mind, and surprised my kids. Milk and Cereal Popsicles. Yes, you read that right. It seems a little unconventional, but that is part of its appeal. It’s sweet. It is unexpected, and it has the slightest crunch to it. It’s amazing.

If you want to try something that will totally impress your kids and their friends for that next big summer play date then you have got to try this recipe. It isn’t too hard to make, its cold, its sweet, and it’s something everyone has the ingredients for.

Summer sweet treats

What you will need:

  • 1 med/large banana (or 2 small)
  • 1 Cup Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 Cup milk
  • 1/2 Cup dry cereal

What you will do:

  1. In the bowl of your mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, mix the banana on medium until mashed and smooth (approximately 1 minute).
  2. Slowly add in yogurt and milk. Continue mixing until blended. Add the cereal and stir by hand to avoid crushing it.
  3. Pour into popsicle molds. Freeze 8 hours until solid.

You can even mix it up and make it with chocolate milk or strawberry milk. Add any cereal you like, the possibilities are endless!

Sweet Summer Treats: Greek Yogurt and Berry Popsicles


We are still scouring the Internet for sweet summer treats. This month we found a cool treat that will not only taste great but will also keep you cool on those hot summer days. This sweet treat is tasty, cool, and good for you! So you don’t have to feel bad when you pop them out of the freezer everyday for your kiddos.

This month we found Greek Yogurt Berry Smoothie Pops at a great blog written by a Mom, Trish, called “Mom on TimeOut.” This great blog has many great recipes and crafts that you and your boys will love. As a Mom of two boys herself Trish knows what’s up when it comes to finding things for boys to do and to eat. That’s why she is so great about sharing her incredible ideas with her readers. So head on over to Mom on Timeout to learn some great ideas and see incredible recipes with pictures.

What You Will Need:

1/2 cup Greek yogurt (Mom on Timeout suggests Chobani Vanilla for a great taste)
1/2 cup milk
1 cup frozen berries

What You Will Do:

1. Take your berries, milk, and yogurt and blend until smooth.
2. Then pour the smoothie into 3 oz. paper cups.
3. Let the pops set until almost firm and then insert a Popsicle stick.
4. Freeze until they are solid.
5. Gently tear off paper cups to serve. Makes five Popsicles.

Don’t forget to check out some of the other great recipes available at Mom on Timeout. And feel free to enjoy those sweet berry pops all summer long!