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Welcome Noruk!

This month we have added new items to our store. Welcome to Noruk, the American name of the Canadian Brand Nano. Noruk first launched in 1999 but it quickly became a renowned brand in Canada and Europe. Now available in the United States, the American brand features colorful and fun styles for boys and girls! From outerwear to sleepwear, dress clothes, and even an sportswear line the styles and possibilities are endless! Currently we feature a selection of their boys line in our store, so head on over to view some of the new items we have begun stocking. You will fall in love with their modern yet traditional style.

Boys Dress Shirt by Noruk: This dress shirt features decorative top stitching, is charcoal in appearance, and runs a size small so be sure to order one size up!

Boys Plaid Shirt with Tie by Noruk: This flannel shirt is so much fun. It has a traditional look and feel with its red plaid appearance and flannel feel, but it has a fun modern twist with the black tie. It screams fun with class and style! Runs a size small so be sure to order one size up!

Boys Pants with Suspenders by Noruk: Suspenders never go out of style! These five pocket pants feature the coolest red and black suspenders your son will ever wear. Suspenders are detachable, but they are so stylish you will never want to detach them! Runs a size small so be sure to order one size up!

Each of the Noruk pieces pair well together. So feel free to mix and match as you will. We will be adding new pieces soon so be sure to check back in for more amazing looks!

Dapper Dude Duds: New Appaman Looks

Appaman is all about making clothes with style, clothes that are fun, and clothes that are cool. So it really isn’t a surprise that their new items look so cool they make us want to freeze. Their new bow ties, and suspenders are perfect for dressing up your boys’ looks this fall. Pre-order them now and you will soon be staring at one dapper dude when your little man is dressed in these fancy duds.

Appaman Boys Red Dot Bow Tie: this dapper dude dud features red and blue polka dots. The pops of color are perfect for adding a little excitement to a normally boring bow tie. This never boring look will pair well with any Appaman suspenders, shirts, and pants.

Appaman Boys Logo Suspenders: these suspenders feature the ever popular Appaman logo, the Appaman monkey, and will be one of the best looks for the fall. They are fun, funky, and functional. Your little dapper dude will be so stylish they may mistake him for an Appaman model.

Appaman Boys Suspenders: these Appaman suspenders are available in a traditional blue and grey combination. But don’t let their traditional look fool you. They are straight up style. Pair them with some fabulous looks from Appaman and get a dressy look, or pair them with same fun and funky looks form Appaman for a casual funk for a day at school. The possibilities are endless.

Appaman Boys Striped Suspenders: these stripes suspenders are available in two different colors: Olive and Orange. Buy one or buy both and complete your perfect Appaman look.

Accessories: Junior Boy’s Edition

We think our boys look good no matter what they/we do. But sometimes they want to dress up a little and have some fun with their outfits too, it isn’t just a girls prerogative to dress up and accessorize. The Boy’s Store understands that your boys want to have fun with their changing looks on a day-to-day basis too, so we carry some great styles of hats, suspenders, glasses, belts, and paracord wristbands. The Boy’s Store carries incredible brands and varieties of many different types of accessories including Wes and Willy, Wee ones, Knuckleheads, Appaman, and Teeny Tiny Optics.

Dylan” Boys Aviator Glasses by Teeny Tiny Optics: these totally cool aviator sunglasses provide 100% UV protection and come in blue, purple, and black. Your son will love sporting these high flying shades all year long.

Accessories: Junior Boy's Edition

Paracord Wristband by Wee Ones: paracord wristbands are all the rage right now, so your boys will love collecting all the different colors. Available in blue, grey, green, red, and white, they unravel into a paracord that can carry weight up to 550 lbs!

Accessories: Junior Boy's Edition

Skull Suspenders by Knuckleheads: these awesome white and black suspenders feature black skulls that are so hip your son will be too cool for school. Suspenders have become a fun and hip way to style any great look. Don’t forget to check out Knuckleheads other great suspender styles.

Accessories: Junior Boy's Edition

Revolutionary Hat by Appaman: a canvas dark green hat that features the red embroidery logo of the Appaman monkey. This fun revolutionary style hat is different and fun to pair with a different look everyday.

Accessories: Junior Boy's Edition

Canvas Belt by Appaman: a canvas belt is not just used to hold up your pants, it can also add style to your son’s next great look. Now you can get it in olive or vintage black.

Accessories: Junior Boy's Edition