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Summer Obsessions: Tank Tops

One of the greatest parts of summer is there is no dress code. You can hang out in whatever you feel comfortable in, after all, it gets hot. If you live on the west coast you know that the temperatures have reached triple digits this week. And it is HOT. So it can be nice to wear as little as possible. That means shorts and tank tops. Tank tops are the best clothing item for summer in my opinion. When it is that hot out I hate to wear too heavy of a shirt, so I can only imagine how my boys feel when they run around and stay way more active than I do. That’s why I love tank tops for my kids in the summer. I may have to slather them in sunblock every few hours but they stay so much more comfortable.

The Boy’s Store has some stylish choices for boys when it comes to tank tops. Tank tops don’t have to be boring and tacky looking. They can be fun. Thanks to brands like City Threads, Appaman, and Wes and Willy your boys can stay stylish even when they are sleeveless.

Shop these and more today!

Boys Peace Tank Top by Wes and Willy: This gray tank features a patriotic peace symbol. Perfect for the Fourth of July BBQ coming up, or perfect for showing off your boys’ patriotic side in the blistering heat this summer.

tank tops -peace

Boys Sugar Skulls Tank Top by Wes and Willy: These Appaman Sugar Skull sleeveless tees are perfect for hot summer weather. They are fun, stylish, and comfortable.

tank tops - sugar skulls

Boys’ Skull Tank Top by City Threads: These tanks are super cool with their hip skulls. Even better than cool? They are eco-friendly since they are made in the USA. Less pollution and waste in the world when they don’t travel as far, and you’re supporting the great USA’s employment rate. Talk about a win-win.

Tank tops - skulls and crossbones

Prefresh: 100% Magic!

This month we are excited to share some new looks from Prefresh. Prefresh is an incredible brand made by husband and wife duo J and T. They are based outside of Portland, Oregon and they are best known for creating 100% magic custom clothes for kids. Everything is one of a kind, just like your kids. Childhood is magical, free, and always exciting. So why shouldn’t the uniform be? Prefresh makes childhood even more fun.

This month we are excited to bring you some brand new tees and tanks from Prefresh. They are already available for purchase and are making a splash on Instagram and Facebook. Hurry in now to get them.

Prefresh Boys Toucan Shirt: this Aqua fade tee features a totally tweet Toucan. Buy Me Donuts seems to be this birds motto, after all, crackers are overrated. Your boys will love the irony, color, and the idea. After all, who doesn’t love donuts?

Prefresh: 100% Magic!
Prefresh Boys Magic Tee: 100% magic is exactly right. Childhood is magic, kids are magic, everyone is magic. This graphite tee is exactly what we should tell ourselves everyday. Live it up, 100% magic. Make it count people!

Prefresh: 100% Magic!

Prefresh Mr. Sun Tank: this yellow tanks with black edging is summer approved. It is comfortable, tagless, ready to beat the heat all summer long.

Prefresh: 100% Magic!