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Back-To-School: What Teacher’s Want From Parents

For many of us, August is back-to-school time. While we are busy buying for our own kids and getting them ready, their teachers are buying for dozens of students. It can be tough for parents, especially parents of multiple school-age kids to help out in the classroom or even to help out by purchasing items for the classroom. But it really isn’t that expensive or time-consuming to pick up a few of the things once or twice a school year to help out our children’s teachers.

When there are budget cuts some of the first items to go are what schools consider “extras” in the classroom. This includes:


Hand Sanitizer

Clorox or Sanitizing wipes




Many parents see these items on the list at the beginning of the school year. We don’t really think that they are all that important. We buy pencils, paper, and erasers for our child. Each of these is often lost within the first few weeks of school. But we do not usually buy more. Mainly because we don’t stop to think how often a child will lose these items or the fact that they will not come to us when they do lose them. They will go to their teacher. Their teacher will dig into their own supplies and share. But think about this happening with how many students your child has in one class. Most public school classes range from 32-40 students. This adds up, very quickly.

Purchasing a few extra boxes of pencils, paper, and erasers is simple. You can even buy them at bulk stores and get a lot of them for very little money. You could even go to dollar stores and buy many for very little money.

The big thing parents don’t realize helps so much in the classroom is hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and tissues. Schools are germ factories. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that the CDC doesn’t actually need offices they should just sit in a classroom and bring some petrie dishes with them. That being said, our kids learn better when they are in class. They will be in class more often if they do not get sick so often. Having a clean classroom and practicing safe and healthy habits in class like using tissues and washing their hands contributes to their own health, the health of others, and even allows everyone to have more learning time and less down time!

Tissues, sanitizer, and clean wipes are often not very expensive at all. They come in many different styles, types, and sizes. It’s easy to buy them, and it gives a HUGE piece of mind.


Parents can also help collect box tops from their favorites food items at home and donate them to their child’s teacher. Box tops are often collected by schools and certain companies will donate money or supplies to schools for them. It requires little-to-no effort. Simply collect them at home and send them to school.

We hope that everyone has a great back-to-school time, and we hope very few germs head back home!

Kindergarten learning and fun at home

Many of us just sent our little ones off to school for the first time. Those sweet little kindergarteners have begun an incredible journey that will last a lifetime. But now that they are having so much fun at school and have made so many new friends moms and dads might feel a little lost at home as to interacting with them. Some of the things they are learning at school are different than we remember.

Kindergarten learning

In our kindergarten classroom there are a lot of new songs. These songs are very important to our kids, and we wanted to share in the excitement with them. Unfortunately, we do not know all of the words. That is why I was excited to come across this fun little cheat sheet. It has helped me to learn the words quickly and continue to participate with my kids in their education both at home and in the classroom as a volunteer.

The Teachers Guide¬†features hundreds of songs that kids sing in school all day long. Some of the links even include a small audio or video attachment so that we can hear the tune as well as learn the lyrics. It has been a lifesaver for interacting with my kindergartener. Now I don’t have to hear that I am doing it wrong. There is such a wide selection of songs that they are almost certain to have the ones your child’s teacher is using this year. Check them out now for some incredibly easy ways to work on school at home with your kids.

February: Black History Month

Black History Month

Did you know that February is Black History Month? Also known as African-American History Month, in February we celebrate all month long all the great men and women that have made history and influenced our lives with great knowledge, important firsts, civil rights, or incredible inventions. During the month of February we celebrate men and women like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass, Jackie Robinson, and Booker T. Washington.

In school many of your kids will be learning about these great men and women. But it is always a great idea to learn a little bit more about things, especially important things that have helped to shape or change our nation. So this month we want to highlight a couple of our great men and women by sharing with you a few fun and interesting activities for you and your kids.

Coloring Pages: right now at apples4theteacher.com you can find dozens of printable coloring pages with facts about some of the men and women that have changed our world for the better. From Frederick Douglass to Barack Obama you can print out these pages for your kids to color and learn about all the great things that each man or woman has done and how it has changed our lives.

Vocabulary words: also at apples4theteacher.com you can find a list of vocabulary words that will help to educate your child on the importance of Black History Month while also teaching them important words that will help to enhance their growing vocabulary.

Word Search and other activities: apples4theteacher.com also has some incredible worksheets that your child can fill out teaching them the importance of events like Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington, the first African-American President, when the Emancipation Declaration was announced, and when the first African-American Supreme Court Justice was appointed. Your kids will have fun learning about the important and interesting events in fun ways like in word searches.

This month is important to every boy, girl, parent, and grandparent because it has changed the way the world works. Now you and your child can learn about these great moments together.