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Hula Hoop Tent: Outdoor fun!

Are you and your kids looking for some fun outdoor activities this spring? This one is so easy it will make you laugh. All you need is a dollar store hula hoop, some rope, Safety pins, and a couple of old sheets.

Forts and tents have been kids go-to summer and spring fun for decades. It is simple and easy fun but it can make the world so much more exciting. Let them just sit in it to get away from the heat while still enjoying playing outdoors, let them get creative and make it their castle, their pirate ship, their fortress. All they need is imagination, and kids are designed with that in mind.

This fun and easy activity can be completed in a morning, afternoon, or weekend. It is totally simple.


What You Will Need:



Old sheets (we used twins you can use anything you have)

Hula hoop (we used a medium one but the bigger the hoop the bigger the tent)

Safety pins



What You Will Do:

Pinch some of the fabric of the sheet and wrap it around the hoop, use the rope to carefully tie it in place. Repeat this every few inches gathering the sheet around the hula hoop.

If you use more than one sheet do this same thing with the next sheet but make sure that you make the sheets meet together flush so the tent stays closed on one side.

You can use safety pins to keep the two sheets together if you used more than one sheet.

Leave the front open for a door.

Now use rope to tie the hoop to the tree branches. Secure it to at least three branches for support.


Enjoy your new hula hoop tent!