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Meatballs Bombs: Winter Food


Are you looking for a fun winter dinner idea? I hate meal planning in the winter. I always seem to want to do something hearty, delicious, and different. But I find myself in a rut this time of year. Because we are all so tired after work and school, and it is so cold out, I want something fast, simple, and comforting. We love meatball subs, but I honestly do not have the time or interest to create that or clean up the mess my kids make when eating it most nights. This fun recipe from The Novice Chef is a meatball sub in one small little package.


The Novice Chef has a recipe that is so easy to follow (foolproof is more like it!) that I can’t help but enjoy making it. It is a fun little meal that makes meatballs a lot less messy. The kids love it because it is fun and different. So please be sure to check out this fun little meatball bomb recipe. You will be glad you did. I even discovered I can make twice as many and freeze them. Then just pop them in the oven to bake on nights I have very little time and energy to cook.

I hope your family enjoys them as much as mine!

Summer Fun: Hula Hoop Hurrah!


Did you ever go to summer camp? Summer camp remains to this day some of the fondest memories of an adults childhood years. Summer Camp was a magical place where parents weren’t around, school was over, and kids run around playing and trying new things. It can be a great time to spend with friends or even with siblings or cousins. Summer camp was a time when kids worked together playing games and learning new things.

While Summer Camp still exists, most people cannot afford to send their kids in today’s world. So it is no wonder that so many kids spend their summers in front of the TV playing video games or watching TV or movies. So this year lets make an effort to get those kids outside. We may not be able to completely replicate summer camp but why not gather a bunch of your kids friends and let them play games and do activities they might do at summer camp. All summer long we will find great outdoor activities for your kids to do with a group. Because after all, the more the merrier.

This week let’s check out a classic outdoor camp activity, the hula hoop game. This is a group game that requires kids to work together to move a hula hoop around their bodies and around their friends bodies in a circle while holding hands, and not ever letting go!

Hula Hoop Game:

Begin by standing in a circle, about 5-10 kids. Place a hula hoop on one child’s arm, then have all the children hold hands. Now they have to try and move the hula hoop through the circle, and over each others bodies, without unblinking hands.

This classic game will bring lots of fun, laughs, and it will keep those kids outside. So give it a try, you may find that everyone has so much fun they won’t even remember they own a tv. Check out Spoonful.com for other great classic outdoor games!

Spectacular Science: Ivory Soap Explosion


Some of you Moms may be familiar with this fun experiment, microwaving Ivory Soap. This fun experiment has been around for years, but to our boys it may be fun and new. Exploding Ivory Soap in the microwave isn’t just about fun, it can also be a learning experience. Just like any other science experiment let your kids make a hypothesis before your begin. Pose questions to them like, “what do you think will happen?” Then when it is all over you can discuss why this happened, or why that didn’t happen. In the end you will be the cool mom who knows exactly why the soap exploded.

Ivory Soap is actually a very rare soap. Wen the soap was first being sold in 1890 an employee at Proctor and Gamble changed the product accidentally while mixing the soap. When he forgot to shut off his mixer when he took his lunch break he actually changed the way the soap was created. By not shutting off his mixer when he went to lunch the soap mixture in his mixer was left to continuously churn, mixing in more air pockets than would normally be mixed into the soap. It made the soap lighter and even made it float in water because it was so light. Proctor and Gamble used this to their advantage and marketed the soap as, “the only soap that floats!”

While it didn’t make any difference in how the soap worked it did make the soap have more air pockets which leads to a larger water content, which makes this wonderful explosion possible. It is actually like when you pop popcorn in the microwave. The added air pockets become water that vaporizes and causes bubbles which then pop and cause expansion. As the air expands so does the soap.

Now is your chance to try it at home. You might even want to use a different brand of soap and let your kids try to see the difference the air pockets make, the Ivory Soap will explode, while other soaps without air pockets will melt.

What You Will Need:

Ivory Soap Bar
Deep bowl of water
Other brands of soap

What You Will Do:

1. Fill the bowl with water.
2. Place the Ivory Soap in the bowl.
3. Place the bowl in the microwave and microwave on high for 2 minutes.
4. Watch as the soap expands becoming puffy.
5. Allow the soap to cool before touching it. Once it is cool feel how it appears puffy but is actually still quite firm.
6. Now try the same thing with a different brand of soap. Compare your results.