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Halloween Fun On a School Night

Halloween may be on a school night this year, but that doesn’t mean that your little ghouls and monsters should miss out on a night of fun. There are plenty of ways to get some Halloween fun in early so that those little monster can be in bed and ready for school the next day. Here are a few tried and true tips for having a hauntingly good night.

1.Early dinner: get in a fun and fast Halloween dinner. By eating early in the evening, think 5 o’clock, you can still get in some prime trick-or-treat time in before heading home to finish your night. For something good and fast try this great pizza recipe, it is not only delicious and fast it is also a great Halloween treat!

2.Take a few minutes to sort the candy. While you sort and check the candy pop those little ones in the tub or shower, or simply get them dressed and ready for bed. Then let your kids pick out one or two favorites after you go through them and let them eat and enjoy their spoils. Hide that bag of candy so the kids have to ask for a piece when they want more, now you do not have to worry about them overeating the goodies. Now sit back and enjoy some more Halloween together with nothing but teeth brushing to worry about.
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