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Fruit Loop Marshmallow Craft

Crafts are the best part of being home with my youngest a few days a week. We get to have fun and play while learning and laughing. I love to do crafts with him, even the messy ones. Let’s face it, the messy ones are when we have the most fun, and oftentimes learn the most.

We love to theme our crafts and this month we are leaning towards St. Patrick’s Day and rainbow crafts. My little man loves a good rainbow. This fun craft is an easy one to do and allows you to snack while you craft. Which is the best kind of craft!

We found this craft at Jonesing to Create. This is a craft that always looks good, tastes good, and is fun to create. We have made it in the past, but it is always fun to recreate. Head on over to
Jonesing to Create for the full tutorial and be sure to check out all of the other incredible arts and crafts ideas when you are there. You can find tons of ideas to keep you and your little ones busy for the entire month.

Valentine’s Day Craft: Toddler Edition

I love getting down and dirty with toddler crafts. Honestly, the messier the better. It sparks creativity, it makes memories, and if I am being honest? My house is never cleaner than it is after my toddler does a craft. Some moms go nuts and clean before a guest arrives? I clean like a beast after my toddler does a craft. My inner Marie Kondo erupts and I just go nuts. I reorganize the art cupboard. Clean the dining room table. The house shines.

So of course that means I love to go nuts and let the kids get messy with it. This year I wanted to give the toddlers the chance to have a lot of fun. So I chose to do shaving cream hearts. It is fun, messy, and I have all of the materials already at home.

Hello Wonderful is a great blog that features some really great crafts and activities. They have a simple and straightforward Marbled Heart activity that uses shaving cream. My son loved this. It was messy, fun, and incredibly creative. Every heart turned out differently. We made one for each of his siblings and for Mom and Dad. Come Valentine’s day we love to exchange gifts as a family, and now he has something to give too.

Be sure to check out Hello Wonderful’s other great tutorials when you head over there to get the full Shaving Cream Heart Craft. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Toddler Activities For Halloween

IMG_0914.JPGWe love to keep the little ones busy during the day when the older kids are at school. We try to find fun activities that are themed, educational, or just seem like they would be a lot of fun for us and the little ones to do. This month we wanted an activity that was centered around Halloween since the older kids keep bringing home fun Halloween themed crafts and are excited (read VERY EXCITED!) for Halloween we thought it was important to try and get the Littles excited too. Toddler crafts and activities are usually something that involves sensory learning. We wanted some fun sensory activities but we also wanted something Halloween themed. We finally found some really great looking activities and crafts to try on one of our favorite sites for kids, Spoonful. We love Spoonful because it is created and run by the Walt Disney company and they frequently have crafts and activities that are Disney themed, which our kids love. This month they have some fun crafts, activities, and games that involve Halloween. They have compiled 20 great Halloween themed activities for the month of October. You can find them all at Spoonful. We are so excited to try the spider hand craft. Our little ones love to finger paint. Any reason is a good reason to cover your whole hand in paint right? That’s what we thought. So we will most likely be trying the spider craft. But there are other fantastic crafts to try including cotton ball ghosts, monster cookies, and a Halloween sensory bin. We love them all, and we are very excited to try as many as we can. What crafts will you and your little ones try this month? Spider Handprint What You Will Need Black paint Paper Toddler hands! Googles eyes Glue Head on over to Spoonful to check out the instructions!! Shop button3