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Melissa and Doug: Travel Games

Since we shared a craft from the Melissa and Doug blog last week we also shared that we offer some of their toys. Many were surprised, they didn’t realize we offered toys. The Boy’s Store loves to offer things that are difficult to find, help to educate and motivate children to learn, and keep our boys stylish. We are proud to offer some great items from Melissa and Doug since they also aim to provide children with an educational foundation that is built on fun.

Since it is summer and a lot of you are traveling for vacation or to visit family we thought this was the perfect time to reacquaint you with our Melissa and Doug travel games. These games are perfect entertainment in tight places, cars, planes, trains, however and wherever you travel this summer take Melissa and Doug travel games with you.

Hangman Melissa and Doug Travel Game: This travel game is perfect with a partner. Try to get your partner to guess the word. Every time they miss a letter they get another piece of the hangman. Try to guess the word before he hangs. Comes with an erasable marker.

Bingo Melissa and Doug Travel Game: includes two game boards and four double-sided bingo cards for tons of fun on the go. All pieces are included and there are no loose pieces.

Four in a Row Melissa and Doug Travel Game: includes one double-sided game board with all pieces attached, simply flip them to play. Perfect for travel since you wont lose the pieces. Try to get four in a row!

Indoor Play: Felt Car Play Mat House

Felt Car Play Mat House

Does your little boy love to play with his matchbox and hot wheels cars? Do you get sick of having racing cars trailing all over your carpet or floors day in and day out? Do things around your house go missing for your son to create little buildings, tracks, garages, and jumps for his favorite cars? Maybe it is time that you create him his own little area for all his cars. Perhaps he needs his own little town complete with roads, building, and parking lots.

That is exactly what one mother was thinking when she made her kids a travel anywhere felt car play mat. This incredible play mat folds up into its very own house and can be played with at home, at a friends house, at the babysitters house, or on vacation. It cleans up neatly and is easy to carry and haul around to all the different places you and your family travels. With its easy construction it is fun and inexpensive to make and will yield hours of fun for your little one.

Narelle a former engineer and now a Stay-at-home Mom created this incredible DIY toy and posted an informative (for those moms that are not engineers!) tutorial on her blog Cook, Clean, Craft. Narelle makes this craft tutorial simple to follow with lots of pictures and instructions to help even the non-crafty moms to create the greatest toy car mat ever. Check out her blog Cook, Clean, Craft for some extra help with this great toy.

What You Will Need:

25×30 inch piece of a green craft felt
2 sheets of red craft felt
1 sheet of blue craft felt
Medium weight iron-on interfacing
Sheets or scraps of different colors of felt
Tacky craft glue
Quilters chalk
Thread, sewing machine, or needle to hand sew

What You Will Do:

1. Cook, Clean, Craft offers a sketch that you can print out and use to create a template for your green bottom felt. Then you can begin cutting out the long black strips for the roads, 2 inches wide works well.

2. Next begin arranging your roads on the green backing. Cut out 1/2 inch wide white strips for the center lines and then glue them in place on the roads.

3. Now you can cut out different types of buildings. Think of buildings you see in town, fire stations, police stations, medical building, office building, gas stations, post offices, houses, even construction sites for those dump trucks bull dozers. Use any color felt you want and go crazy with accents to make the buildings look as real as possible. You could even use railroads and rail yards.

4. Begin gluing down your buildings, watch for the folding lines, the kit will fold better if the buildings are not covering the folded lines, Cook, Clean Craft’s sketch suggests using chalk lines on the fold lines to prevent you from gluing on them.

5. If you have enough felt left cut out some signs, stop, yield, construction site, let your kids place them freely on the play mat when they play, this way then can learn how each sign is used. Try creating parking lots for your kids to park all their extra cars. Imagination is the limit with this craft.

At the end of the day the whole kit can fold up and be used anywhere you travel. Now your boys can play cars all day long! Don’t forget to check out Cook, Clean, Craft for full descriptive instructions with photos and templates.