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Melissa and Doug: Travel Games

Since we shared a craft from the Melissa and Doug blog last week we also shared that we offer some of their toys. Many were surprised, they didn’t realize we offered toys. The Boy’s Store loves to offer things that are difficult to find, help to educate and motivate children to learn, and keep our boys stylish. We are proud to offer some great items from Melissa and Doug since they also aim to provide children with an educational foundation that is built on fun.

Since it is summer and a lot of you are traveling for vacation or to visit family we thought this was the perfect time to reacquaint you with our Melissa and Doug travel games. These games are perfect entertainment in tight places, cars, planes, trains, however and wherever you travel this summer take Melissa and Doug travel games with you.

Hangman Melissa and Doug Travel Game: This travel game is perfect with a partner. Try to get your partner to guess the word. Every time they miss a letter they get another piece of the hangman. Try to guess the word before he hangs. Comes with an erasable marker.

Bingo Melissa and Doug Travel Game: includes two game boards and four double-sided bingo cards for tons of fun on the go. All pieces are included and there are no loose pieces.

Four in a Row Melissa and Doug Travel Game: includes one double-sided game board with all pieces attached, simply flip them to play. Perfect for travel since you wont lose the pieces. Try to get four in a row!

Traveling With Kids: Summertime Traveling Tips

Summertime brings travel time. We love family vacations, even if as parents we may feel we need a vacation to get over the vacation. After all, traveling with kids can be difficult. That is why we are going to try and give you some quick travel tips that may help making traveling a little easier and less stressful.


Keeping kids happy on long trips is difficult, whether you are on a plane, train, or in a car. There is no one thing that works for all kids. That’s why it is a great idea to have an arsenal of activities ready at your disposal.

1. Snacks and Treats. Hungry kids are not happy kids! Make things easier by keeping ready made snacks with you at all times. Small things like crackers, nuts, pretzels, popcorn, granola, and fruit are easy to grab and go. If you want more variety bring a little cooler. You can add yogurts, cheese, sandwiches, etc. if you are traveling by plane it is nice to have something for the kids to chew on during takeoff and landing as it can help with ear drum pressure. Gum is an excellent idea if your kids can have it, otherwise try pretzels or crackers.

2. Try to do you biggest leg of your trip during a time when the kids will sleep. Fly at night, drive at night, or in the very early morning.

3. Activities arsenal is the trick here. Coloring pages, books, Madlibs, puzzles, travel board games, small toys. Anything to keep them busy and happy.

4. Gadgets Galore. When the activities lose their appeal have a movie handy, a video game, iPads, iPhones, tablets, laptops, and portable video players are a parents Bestfriend. Load them with children’s movies, apps, games, music, and books. When the kids are getting cranky and tired break them out. These can be e perfect last ditch effort to maintain calm.

Traveling can be very stressful without kids, with kids it is twice as difficult. But try to remember the fun you will all have when you finally arrive. It may be hard going, but in the end you can all relax and have fun together.


Travel Games: Melissa and Doug at The Boy’s Store

It is springtime and that means that families may be taking some mini vacations. We know how difficult it can be to be in the car with little ones for any long period of time. Kids get bored easily and need to have things to keep them occupied, otherwise we will begin to hear that dreaded car trip question, “are we there yet?” Try to ward off those terribly annoying questions with some fun activities that will keep the kids busy and hopefully, quiet.

Melissa and Doug is a great toy brand that seeks to reintroduce the classic toys to new generations. Not only are their toys well-made they are also very reminiscent of the toys that we as parents. After all, toys don’t die they just move on.

Right now at The Boy’s Store you can find some great travel games from Melissa and Doug that your kids can play in the car, train, or airplane while you travel.

Four-in-a-row Travel Game by Melissa and Doug: a great game for kids, they have to try and get four in a row before they can win. However, their opponent is constantly trying to stop them from getting four in a row. So good luck getting all four first!

Boy's travel games

Hangman Travel Game by Melissa and Doug: kids of all ages love to play hangman. Try to guess the word before the poor little man hangs and you win.

Travel games for boys

Flip to Win Travel Game by Melissa and Doug: you can choose from over fourteen themes, choose a card and slide it into the game board and start looking for matches. Memory games are always fun and can even improve your child’s memory and thought processes.

Travel games for boys