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Travel Games: Melissa and Doug at The Boy’s Store

It is springtime and that means that families may be taking some mini vacations. We know how difficult it can be to be in the car with little ones for any long period of time. Kids get bored easily and need to have things to keep them occupied, otherwise we will begin to hear that dreaded car trip question, “are we there yet?” Try to ward off those terribly annoying questions with some fun activities that will keep the kids busy and hopefully, quiet.

Melissa and Doug is a great toy brand that seeks to reintroduce the classic toys to new generations. Not only are their toys well-made they are also very reminiscent of the toys that we as parents. After all, toys don’t die they just move on.

Right now at The Boy’s Store you can find some great travel games from Melissa and Doug that your kids can play in the car, train, or airplane while you travel.

Four-in-a-row Travel Game by Melissa and Doug: a great game for kids, they have to try and get four in a row before they can win. However, their opponent is constantly trying to stop them from getting four in a row. So good luck getting all four first!

Boy's travel games

Hangman Travel Game by Melissa and Doug: kids of all ages love to play hangman. Try to guess the word before the poor little man hangs and you win.

Travel games for boys

Flip to Win Travel Game by Melissa and Doug: you can choose from over fourteen themes, choose a card and slide it into the game board and start looking for matches. Memory games are always fun and can even improve your child’s memory and thought processes.

Travel games for boys