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Outdoor Truck Track for Kids

My kids all love playing trucks. My two-year-old little boy loves his Tonka trucks and Caterpillar Trucks, he even got a brand new set for his birthday this winter. Now that the weather is improving and he can spend more time outside I wanted to create a fun outdoor area where he could drive his trucks, build, and move dirt all day long. He loves to move rocks, dirt, sticks, and everything else he can get his grimy little hands on while he plays. So we wanted to create something that was confined and allowed him to get things he could move safely and easily.

I came across this fun little area on Pinterest and knew right away I had to try to replicate it. We found some stones, some pavers, picked up some sand at the hardware store, found some pinecones, and some sticks and twigs for him to move and pickup and set to work creating a fun little zone just for him. It was simple, inexpensive and fast once we got started. Now he can play construction site all day long with his friends, siblings, or all by himself. Check out some of the ideas we used and feel free to create your own little construction zone! Thank you to Cute DIY Projects for some incredible ideas! Truck track truck track for kids

Valentine’s Day: Boy Cards

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday when you have little girls, but little boys can sometimes think that it is too mushy of day. Boys prefer fun, big, loud, and crazy things. Valentine’s Day can sometimes be quiet, sweet, and soft. Not really up to par for boys. But there are ways to boy up the day. Boy valentines can be easy to make at home with your computer or with some special paper and scissors and glue. Here are a few ideas for Valentine’s Day that you and your boys can try this year.

Printable Cards: Brightside Prints creator Jill Means has created some adorable printable cards for boys inspired by the things boys love like cars, trucks, tractors, dinosaurs, Robots, and Super Heroes. Boys will love sharing these fun cards with their classmates and friends. With cool phrases like “You’re Dino-Mite!” “I dig you” and “I think you’re super!” Boys won’t feel like the holiday is as lame as they first thought.

Valentine's Day: Boy Cards

Paper Airplanes: CountryLiving.com has a great free printable that can be folded into a paper airplane and given out as valentines. Simply print out the template then fold along the dotted lines. Let your son fill out the valentine with his own sentiments, then you ave a great card for valentine’s day.

Valentine's Day: Boy Cards

Zombie Printables: Hanasaurusrex is a great blog with some incredible boy crafts, games, and info. They even feature a free printable for Valentina’s day. These zombie cards are to die for. With incredibly cute and funny sayings like “My love for you will never die!” “I love you for your brains!” And “This zombie wants your heart!” Your boys will love the laughable puns and pictures. Now your son has the perfect card for Valentina’s day.

Valentine's Day: Boy Cards