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Prefresh: 100% Magic!

This month we are excited to share some new looks from Prefresh. Prefresh is an incredible brand made by husband and wife duo J and T. They are based outside of Portland, Oregon and they are best known for creating 100% magic custom clothes for kids. Everything is one of a kind, just like your kids. Childhood is magical, free, and always exciting. So why shouldn’t the uniform be? Prefresh makes childhood even more fun.

This month we are excited to bring you some brand new tees and tanks from Prefresh. They are already available for purchase and are making a splash on Instagram and Facebook. Hurry in now to get them.

Prefresh Boys Toucan Shirt: this Aqua fade tee features a totally tweet Toucan. Buy Me Donuts seems to be this birds motto, after all, crackers are overrated. Your boys will love the irony, color, and the idea. After all, who doesn’t love donuts?

Prefresh: 100% Magic!
Prefresh Boys Magic Tee: 100% magic is exactly right. Childhood is magic, kids are magic, everyone is magic. This graphite tee is exactly what we should tell ourselves everyday. Live it up, 100% magic. Make it count people!

Prefresh: 100% Magic!

Prefresh Mr. Sun Tank: this yellow tanks with black edging is summer approved. It is comfortable, tagless, ready to beat the heat all summer long.

Prefresh: 100% Magic!


August Brand Feature: City Threads Tees

Since 2002 City Threads has brought you not only comfortable clothes but popular clothes. The type of clothes even your pickiest kid would wear. That is why The Boy’s Store continues to bring you amazing options from City Threads, because we know that you want your kids to be happy, but you also just want them dressed and ready to go for the day. That is why we offer great options to get those boys dressed and ready to take on their day. Right now you can check out some incredible City Threads tees that your boys will love wearing, but won’t wear out thanks to their durability. Wash after wash, these tees can take a beating. Which is good since we are pretty sure that is what they will get.

Here are just a few shirts your boys will love:

Demolition Twofer by City Threads: this green layered tee is perfect for those fall days back at school. Your guy will stay warm and not have to remember his jacket. The demolition screen print will fascinate and impress any boy that loves to see things get destroyed.


Robot Shirts by City Threads: this short sleeve shirt is made out of a soft jersey material that your boys will love. The robot screen print is fun and high tech, and the shirt comes in two different colors. Red and black.


Skate Park Shirt by City Threads: another soft jersey tee, this tee is for all those skaters out there. It features an incredibly cool screen print of the ultimate skate park. Your boys will love the shirt, but may ask for their own skate park just like it.


Video Game Shirt by City Threads: this soft jersey tee features most boys bread and butter: video games. The screen print features a ninja and a transformer-like robot in a fighting match. Just like some of their favorite games it shows off the score and the players lifespan. Your gamer will love this tee and wear it with pride.