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Turkey Crafts!

Halloween may not be for a few days yet, but many of us are already thinking ahead! Thanksgiving is coming soon, and if you live far away from friends and family you may be travelling for the holiday or sending care packages to loved ones. When we were young we lived far away from our grandparents, but my parents always made sure that they got to be part of our holiday gathering — even if they weren’t travelling to join us. That meant that we started our holidays early every year by decorating and creating care packages and videos to share with our grandparents in the mail. Now that everyone can face-time or video chat this seems like an outdated tradition but it still feels great to receive something special from the people we love. So this year we are going to send little care packages to our cousins out of state, so they know we are thinking of them. That means I am in full holiday mode with my eye out for fun little items to send.

My kiddos are excited because they are preparing crafts to send to their cousins. We found some amazing turkey crafts that will impress and dazzle the young cousins. Since we have so many cousins we are making lots of different crafts to send.

Turkey Finger Puppets: These fun little crafts from I Heart Crafty Things will make everyone giggle! Head over to learn how to make them today!

Turkey headband: Thank you to Preparing for Peanut for this fun turkey headband.

Coffee Filter Turkeys: This fun and simple craft from Typically Simple is fun and easy for everyone to make!

Thanksgiving Toddler Crafts: Dish Brush Crafts

Thanksgiving Toddler Crafts: Dish Brush Crafts

We love to do crafts for the holidays with our little ones. We love being able to pull out their works of art each holiday season and see how different each craft is from year to year. We put them up every year with our holiday decorations. It is so nice to see how our kids have grown in their talent and abilities. It is also nice to remember how tiny and cute they were when they were making them. So of procures we look for new and different craft ideas every year. It can be difficult not to repeat the same craft each year. Or with each kid. That is why we were so excited to see this new craft. Dish Brush Turkey.

This craft is fun, new, and adorable. We discovered this gem of a craft at Crafty Morning a blog created and written by Michelle a military wife that loves to craft! Michelle has kid crafts that will keep even the craftiest stay-at-home mommy coming back on a daily basis for new ideas. We were so excited about this craft that we have not only shared it here, we are sending it out to all of our friends. There will be a lot of dish brush turkeys decorating mantles and refrigerators this holiday season.

Dish Brush Turkey


What You Will Need:

Brown construction paper
Orange construction paper
Red construction paper
White paper
Googley eyes
Round dish brush
Yellow paint
Red paint
Orange paint

This craft is fun and will probably be messy, but all the great toddler crafts are. So be sure you protect your house or table from the messy paint. We will probably use a washable tempura paint to be safe. Our kids love to paint and tend to make a mess. But we love it. Hurry over to Crafty Morning to get all of the instructions and a few more fun and adorable pictures. Don’t forget to check out Michelle’s other great craft ideas, we sure will. Enjoy!!

Holiday Crafts: Turkey Napkin Rings

IMG_1028.JPGWe love to do fun crafts, especially when they dress up our houses during the holidays. Since Thanksgiving is coming up soon, I know wasn’t it just spring time? Where is the time going? We are very excited to start turkeying up the house. We have all our usual suspects, the Thankful Turkey, some toilet paper roll Pilgrims, and some beautiful harvest decor and lots of pumpkins. But we decided we needed something to make the table settings a little fresher and more festive this year. That’s when I stumbled upon a great blog called Uncommon Designs. Sometimes the best thing about this job is finding other incredible websites run by other great moms. Sharing our ideas and crafts is just so much fun.

Uncommon Designs is run by mommy bloggers Trish and Bonnie. But Trish and Bonnie aren’t just friends that share a common love of crafting, they are also sister-in-laws. It is such a great thing when you can connect with family on a different level. Both are mommies of two wonderful kids each and everyone loves to craft. They share their fantastic and fun crafts on their blog everyday. This month we want to highlight their fabulous Turkey Napkin Rings design. It is the perfect thing to brighten up our table this month!

What You Will Need:

3 Phoomph 9×12 Stiff Sheets
Regular Sized Wooden Clothes Pins
Brown and Red Fine Glitter
Tiny Google Eyes
Brown Paint
Jute Twine
Clear Tape

What is so great about this craft is that you can design them so that all the napkin rings match or you can choose many different fabrics and make every napkins ring totally different. Kids will love helping to make the table festive, and it will make for a great topic at dinner! Save these beauties and reuse them again next year. Then every time you take them out for your thanksgiving table you will be reminded of the fun time you and the kids spent making them, it will be great memories for years to come. To get the full tutorial with incredible pictures check out Uncommon Designs, and see what other fun and crafty ideas they have to share!