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Wes and Willy: Silly Long-Sleeve Looks For Fall

Our fall collections are starting to make their way into the store. We have boxes upon boxes of fun and wacky styles perfect for fall. Wes and Willy is one of our favorite brands to carry because their clothes always feature things that boys love including sports, wacky sayings, wacky objects, cars, trucks, and everything else they can manage to come up with. This fall is no exception. We recently got a great selection of whimsical long-sleeve tees. Hurry in to check them out before they are all gone!

Boys’ Braniac T-Shirt by Wes and Willy: This fun and whimsical tee is perfect for the fall. Not only will it keep your boys warm in cooler weather it also features a fun and whimsical print that will double as a Halloween tee. The brainiac image is very reminiscent of a mad scientist and works perfectly as a fun and spooky look.

Silly Long Sleeve Look Brainiac

Boys’ Crossbow Twofer by City Threads: Does your son love to hunt? Is he obsessed with Clint Barton, or Hawkeye from the Avengers? This fun bow and arrow print will be sure to impress them.

Silly Long Sleeve looks bow

Boys The Devin Ash Shirt by Wes and Willy: Does your little man love Halloween? This fun skull tee is not only spooky he is also dapper and full of swag. This fun print is perfect for a fall and Halloween look.

Boys’ Grin and Bear It Shirt by Wes and Willy: Just grin and bear it! This tee is full of whimsy, hilarity, and jocular fun. This bears cheesy grin can’t help but make any boy smile and laugh.

City Threads: New Styles!!

One of our favorite brands is featuring brand new looks for the fall and we are so excited to share them with you. Right now you can see brand new hot looks from City Threads. New tees, twofers, long sleeved, and hooded styles are available for your little guy. From incredibly stylish skulls, to incredibly fast cars the options are perfect. So head on over now to check out these great new choices and see if you can add a few new great looks to your little man’s wardrobe.

City Threads Boys Football Twofer: This bus and grey twofer shirt features an incredible screen print of a football about to be kicked for a field goal. Football fans will love this incredibly fun and in your face print. The grey long-sleeved portion features several football screen prints along the sleeves for even more football fan love.

City Threads: New Styles


City Threads Boys Bulldozer Twofer: This bright blue and sand colored tee features a blue short sleeved tee, and sand colored long sleeves underneath. The bright blue tee features an amazing screen print of a bulldozer at work. The sand colored sleeves feature more bulldozers dozing down each arm.

City Threads: New Styles


City Threads Boys Skulls Hooded Shirt: This heather charcoal hooded tee features spectacular skulls down each arm and across the chest. It is dark, hip, and totally cool. It screams rocker chic and will make your brooding rocker feel like he is the epitome of cool. Might even make a great shirt to wear for Halloween next month!

City Threads: New Styles


City Threads Boys Race Car Shirt: This green long-sleeved tee feels the need, the need for speed. And boy does it have it, in spades! This long-sleeved green tee features a screen print of three amazing and super fast race cars about to compete in the fastest race yet. Who will win?

City Threads: New Styles